Canadian Blocked From Attending Superbowl Because of Pot Possession Charge From 1981

CANNABIS CULTURE – Victoria resident Myles Wilkinson thought he was heading for the experience of a lifetime after he won an all-expense paid trip to the Super Bowl in New Orleans, by coming out victorious in a contest sponsored by Bud Light Canada.

“I won this trip through I had to beat close to four million contestants to get the grand prize,” Wilkinson said. “It is really hard to win.”

However, US customs agents at Pearson airport refused to let Wilkinson cross the border, because of a cannabis possession charge from 1981.

“When I was 19 years old I was charged with possession of less than two grams of cannabis,” Wilkinson said. “I had to pay a $50 fine. Because of this, US customs officials felt that I was too much of a risk to allow me into their country. Poof, there goes my trip of a lifetime!”

“This is all too common of a story,” said Dana Larsen, director of the Sensible BC campaign to have a referendum on cannabis decriminalization. “Any kind of possession conviction means a lifetime ban on crossing the US border, as well as a permanent stigma. For most people, just being charged without ever actually being convicted can still prevent them from ever entering the USA.”

“RCMP have doubled the number of possession charges in BC since 2005,” Larsen said. “In 2011, they laid about 3800 charges for possession. That means every day, ten more British Columbians face the lifetime stigma of a possession charge. Our Sensible BC campaign will put a stop to all that, saving our province many millions of dollars and stopping tens of thousands of British Columbians from facing this same situation over the coming decades.”

“I will be putting my time into supporting the Sensible BC campaign,” Wilkinson said. “A possession charge that only cost me $50 at the time has in reality turned into a 32 year sentence. I want to stop this from happening to anyone else.”

To help make up for his lost trip, Budlight Canada has invited Wilkinson to attend their Super Bowl party at the Commodore ballroom as their guest.



  1. Anonymous on

    If you do, they will look it up….just like Canadian border officials.

  2. Anonymous on

    Canadian border control bounces people from the US and around the world all the time for having even the remotest infraction on one’s record. Works both ways, peeps.

  3. Anonymous on

    DID HE have a pardon or was it still a criminal record because I was told that even if he had the pardon it isn’t good enough because you are still in the national database that the U.S. border guards have access to.

  4. Anonymous on

    DID HE have a pardon or was it still a criminal record because I was told that even if he had the pardon it isn’t good enough because you are still in the national database that the U.S. border guards have access to.

  5. jammerk65 on


  6. Eric on

    Canada and Japan also have this law, and if you are a French or British guy in the same position (the French Government and the British finally found something they both hate more then each other… Cannabis and its users)…having an old a cannabis conviction, unless you are sir Paul McCartney, you are not let in the country.

    Japan simply declines Visas.

    Canada could stand up to the USA once in a while and recognize that threats to “slow cross-border traffic,” which is I think an act-of-war threat to the economy of Canada, whenever Ottawa has a government which suggests legalizing cannabis are just that, threats.

    Knee-jerk political & diplomatic objections, which likely are prepared and stand at-the-ready, like US military aircraft during the Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis, for quick dispatch, became the order of the day, with a coordinated Damn-ing & Hell-ing from the White House Press Briefing Room by anyone but the President.

    Presidents can’t actually make a threat to cripple an economy of another friendly country, especially one so interconnected with the economy of the USA, due to 1)cowardice (as doing so would be considered an act of war, as it’s from the head of Government/State, and 2) Canadians (supposedly) don’t like to be ruled from Washington by irrationally based edicts, and a “we’re gonna slow border traffic [to a virtual stop],” so don’t you dare legalize that devil weed, is a totally irrational edict… for doing so would also damage the US economy in many sectors.

    The USA doesn’t want you to smoke pot. But they cannot take the actions that they say they will.

    So the problem is the lack of guts on the part of Canadian politics and politicians in the light of such threats, and a lack of ability to say, “you govern your country, ladies and gentlemen in Washington, and we’ll govern ours.

    In other words, we’ll set our laws, and we honestly don’t care if you are unhappy about it. You people will get over it.

    It’s all up to you. They cannot stop traffic.

  7. Yolanda on

    Terrorist??? WTF? He got busted with POT 32 years ago! Look at your gun laws which are killing children yes AMERICANS killing americans put your energy to that. The poor guy won a chance of a lifetime and to be denied ENTRY TO THE usa over a pot charge 32 years ago is STUPID. He was honest unlike many americans who try to smuggle their guns into Canada! Wake up dude it is 2013!

  8. ZigZag on

    Its pretty lame that you can be convicted of really serious crimes, with victims, and still be allowed to travel to other countries without restrictions. Yet get popped with some weed 30 years ago and be branded forever. DHS and all the other alphabet agencies (Thanks for “keeping us safe” morons) that are pulling this crap are the real threat to society.

  9. Cliff on

    It looks like just maybe America is the major terrorist of the world. Cannabis was given as a gift by the Creator. America punishes humans for using GODS gift. America might be against GOD. Sure would explain why the country is going under.

  10. Paul Pot on

    When ever the form asks, do you have any prior convictions, always write “NO”.

  11. Anonymous on

    Wins trip from a company whose product kills thousands annually isn’t allowed to partake in said trip because of a harmless substance…. makes sense good call America keep this terrorist the hell out of there.