Ontario Medical Marijuana Dispensary Operator Targeted in Multiple Police Raids

CANNABIS CULTURE – Police executed raids today on at least three locations in Ontario, including the MCCM medical marijuana dispensary in Hamilton, the Hamilton home of the business’s operator Pete Melanhead, and a growing facility in Brantford connected to the group.

According to CHCH Toronto:

The bust of a distribution shop in Hamilton and a grop-op bust in Brantford has put a dent in the local marijuana trade.

Hamilton police swooped down on a marijuana distribution shop at 174 King Street West. The shop used to be La Riviera Shoes but had only a few pieces of clothes in the window. No word yet on charges.

And Brantford police have arrested and charged three people, after finding a marijuana grow-up with over 55 plants inside a Brantford apartment complex. Police say they searched the property on Winniett Street Tuesday night and found $55,000 worth of marijuana plants and more than $400 worth of dried marijuana.

Though the CHCH story does not actually link the two events or indicate a connection between the two busts, a trusted source informed Cannabis Culture the Brantford apartment is a growing facility related to the MCCM. The same source told CC that Melanhead’s Hamilton home was also raided, and that a fourth location related to the dispensary may also have been raided.

A CC source at the scene of the raid at Melanhead’s home said media trucks and police arrived at virtually the same time.

MCCM’s website says the group is “dedicated to the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes,” and is there to help patients “navigate the complex Canadian medical cannabis landscape, advocate for more compassionate treatment of patients and help patients in need procure medicine.”

UPDATE: The Brantford Expositor published the following today under the headline “Police bust Winniett Street grow op”:

A Brantford man faces drug-related charges after police seized an estimated $55,000 worth of marijuana from a Winniett Street apartment Tuesday.

Member of the police street crime unit entered the apartment at about 9 p.m. and found a marijuana grow op in the second bedroom of the apartment. There were 55 plants in the bedroom and police also found 43 grams of dried marijuana worth about $430 as well as growing equipment.

Police have charged Krzysztof Lenda, 42, of Winniett Street with production of a controlled drug – marijuana, possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of a controlled drug.

He was released on a promise to appear in court at a future date.

Cannabis Culture will update this story as more information becomes available.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the Brantford residence as Melanhead’s home.