LA City Council Puts 2 Medical Marijuana Measures on Ballot

The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to place two medical marijuana measures on the May 21 city ballot.

One measure would limit the number of storefront medical marijuana clinics to about 100. There are currently hundreds in Los Angeles.

Another measure would limit the clinics from being located near schools, parks, libraries, child care centers and religious institutions, but would not place a limit on the overall amount of storefront clinics in the city. A 20-percent increase in business tax would be imposed.

The two measures will be decided by voters in May.

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  1. Anonymouse on

    I used to live in L.A. It is the most mismanaged city on the west coast. Concerning city officials in L.A., you can’t expect anything other than the same old tired mindset from these lemmings. Ban this and ban that, but no evolutionary or progressive steps to manage medicinal cannabis.

    If they do not know what they are doing (which is pretty evident), then look to Colorado’s model for medicinal cannabis.