Liberal Party Explores Legal Marijuana Framework in Draft Policy Paper

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Liberal Party of Canada has released a detailed draft policy paper exploring a possible framework for marijuana legalization, regulation and taxation on a national scale.

The 38-page document, prepared by a standing policy committee over the last year, was discussed at a policy paper presentation at the downtown Vancouver campus of Simon Fraser University on Wednesday.

One year ago (on January 15, 2012), voting delegates at the Liberal Party of Canada’s Biennial Convention overwhelmingly endorsed a policy resolution to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis. In October, the resolution was approved by the Federal Liberal Council of Riding Association Presidents.

The policy paper presented Wednesday attempts to answer an number of commonly asked policy questions about legalizing cannabis and takes an in-depth, though preliminary, look at the impacts of a legalized and regulated marijuana production and distribution system.

The paper, which was prepared in partnership with the Young Liberals of Canada, proposes legalizing possession of up to four ounces of dried marijuana, an undetermined number of “plants for personal use”, and an undetermined amount of “cannabis-infused goods”, for use by an adult consumer or “a non-licenced vendor or distributor … without obtaining a special permit”.

The study also looks at other potential ramifications of a new legal cannabis structure, such as economic impact, international response, changes to the legal system, and public health impacts.

A section of the document dedicated to “Logistics” includes an analysis of possible models of marijuana cultivation, distribution and sales; as well as how much marijuana will cost, where people will be able to buy it, and how it will be packaged. This section also speculates on how marijuana will be taxed and how the revenue generated will be shared between various levels of government.

Watch video of the policy paper presentation, recorded on January 23, 2013 at SFU’s downtown Vancouver campus:

Several Liberal Party leadership candidates, including Justin Trudeau, have spoken out in favour of legalizing and regulating marijuana.

Read the policy paper Legalization of Marijuana: Answering Questions and Developing a Framework (PDF).



  1. Bhonze on

    Hi Please post Mississippi (Home of the Prince of Pot) has a new MMJ bill SB2369

  2. Anonymous on


    I appreciate where you’re coming from.

    I have recently read a publishing by a K. Tousaw of why, in which he seemed entirely prepared to “give” the government all it wants in their new medical program “proposal”, provided people retain the ability to grow.

    Apparently, Tousaw is ignorant of the moving window principle, and is too unscientific and uninformed to have considered the repercussions of his rather generous gifts. Did he take ANY effort at all to actually understand what it is he was so willing to gift them?

    Because I don’t want to have to pretend that a government or corporate label containing an indirect and non representative assessment of some 3 chosen substances of the whole, as some sort of indicator of either quality or potency, whether it’s used to tax me by or not.

    Bluntly, that’s just too cheap a ticket to ride my asshole. It is unscientific and invalid, and I know I dont’ have to explain that to you, but I’m damned curious why it seems like somebody needs to explain that tusaw.

    What about the right to an actual free market? What about the right to opportunity? What about the right to trust your own senses and judgement over an obviously bullshit government label that doesn’t give two fuks about the asbestos content of it… I can go oooooon and on …. but I’d like to know why kirk is such a wet rag in these matters.

  3. Anonymous on

    Would love to see the Liberal party release a draft for the legalization of cannabis.

    NDP will follow. Or they will again become the fringe left.

    We need an economically fiscal and socially liberal party.

    Liberty and small government, but with free choice and decision making for adults.

  4. gutrod on

    The Liberals are desperate for votes and are now targeting the Cannabis community.
    The majority of Canadians want prohibition to come to an end with God’s plant legalized so there are potentially a few million votes at state. At least they are on a more just path than the current hated regime of Stephen Harper. I hope that legalization becomes a major issue in the next federal election. Canadian voters have the power to make it reality. Justin: this could be your chance to shine. Make your daddy and Canadians proud to be free once and for all.

  5. Anonymous on

    The web link you posted expired a year and a half ago.????

  6. Anonymous on

    Did you even read the policy paper? Where does it say you can grow your own??

  7. Anonymous on

    Do not agree with your 1st point.
    (LEGALIZE marijuana and ensure the regulation and taxation of its production,
    distribution, and use, while enacting strict penalties for illegal trafficking, illegal
    importation and exportation, and impaired driving)

    Why if it is legal can’t anyone grow their own? Just set an age of 19. Also to this day there is no test for impaired driving after smoking Marijuana, not to mention the fact that Marijuana stays in your system for several days.

    establish zero-tolerance on import/export

    Do not agree with this one either….how will we get better quality with out cross breeding strains from other counties like Netherlands and Israel .This whole plan sounds like another way to control us. What quality we can get, where we can get it and who will profit the most. Once people start really seeing your plan they will not support it.

  8. dabaroodeedee on

    Please email the gov and tell them you dont think this is right. Think of your future or even others. If you get cancer ect the last thing u need is more bills and thats what this will do. $10 bucks a g vs what $1 if u grow? If this goes in my wife couldnt afford there prices. Please email BEFORE FEB 19th and tell them its not right!! This is our only chance and they will only listen till FEB 19

    Email [email protected]

    And visit

    To do a little more!

    Will this make Canada the only country on earth that does not allow med users to grow and forces them to buy? I think so. Lets not let that happen!

    The website above has a template / ideas for your email or just reply here and i will provide

    Thanks and lets start working as a team. Thats the only way we will ever get anywere.

  9. Anonymous on

    The bottom line should be the right for anyone to grow cannabis in their own home. If I want to grow beans and save the seeds every year I don’t have the Nazis beating my door in. Cannabis should be the same.

    The right to grow your own should be the bedrock of any new legislation.

  10. Bhonze on

    Hi Cannabis Culture please help us get the word out that Mississippi has a MMJ bill SB2369. Help so we can get citizens to call there Reps. Thanks!

  11. Anonymous on

    At least they’ll continue to let us grow our own:
    “In addition to allowing individual Canadians to grow a limited number of marijuana plants for personal use, we expect Canada’s private sector and local non-profit societies will likely be the
    main producers, distributors and retailers of marijuana products.”

    And in the real world, I’d really rather buy from an experienced small grower like Matt Mernagh than going with something from a larger grow.

  12. JJS on

    What do you expect from the Liberals? They’ve helped to suppress the cannabis industry for nearly a hundred years. They’ve turned a blind eye to objective research on the subject and are every bit as responsible for the hysteria as are the other petroleum loving parties.

    You can’t tell me that they don’t know, or that they never knew that cannabis could be a superior source of fuel, compared to petroleum. They have access to the best experts in the world. From time to time, they get access to cabinet secrets and I believe that they know better than the rest of us how devastating it would be to the petroleum industry if farmers were allowed to grow their own crop without restrictions.

    Having said all of that, I think I could support them this time. It’s a compromise for sure, but if it helps break the taboo of marijuana, it’s a good thing. I see it as an opening of a flood gate. Besides, to many jobs still depend on petroleum. We need a transition period.