West Virginian Delegate To Introduce Bill To Allow Use Of Medical Marijuana

The Marijuana Policy Project is the largest marijuana policy reform organization in the United States and is responsible for most state-level marijuana policy reforms since the year 2000.

Nearly 20 states have laws that legalize the use of medical marijuana and West Virginia could be next.

It seems like more and more people fill our jails on charges of possession of marijuana and intent to deliver.

“You can get up to one thousand dollars a plant, worth of marijuana off one plant,” said Ralph Wright, Marion County Chief Deputy.

In some states, the drug can also be used for positive reasons.

“What I read that they use it for is for those cancer patients or some other conditions where they are experiencing pain or an inability to eat,” said David Meyer, Fairmont General Hospital Clinical Pharmacist.

West Virginia is not one of the states that allows medical use of marijuana, for now.

“Of all the states that have passed medical marijuana legislation, the substance abuse in those states have gone down,” said Delegate Mike Manypenny, (D) Taylor County.

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