Judge Blocks Restrictive Parts of Montana’s New Medical Marijuana Law

A Helena district judge for a second time has issued a preliminary injunction to block parts of Montana’s more restrictive 2011 medical marijuana law from being enforced.

District Judge James Reynolds late Wednesday blocked portions of the law that prevented a medical marijuana provider from growing medical marijuana or producing related products for more than three cardholders. He also stopped a provision of the law that prevented providers from being paid by cardholders for growing medical marijuana or manufacturing tinctures and other products.

He granted the preliminary injunction at the request of the Montana Cannabis Industry Association and others to block certain parts from Senate Bill 423 from taking effect.

The more restrictive 2011 state law contained these two provisions as part of what some legislators said was an attempt to squeeze out the profits from what was then a booming medical marijuana industry in the state. The revised law allowed those with medical marijuana cards to grow their own pot or find someone to grow it for them for free.

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