San Diego Mayor Halts Marijuana Shop Crackdown

City code enforcement officers and police will no longer target medical marijuana dispensaries under a directive issued Friday by Mayor Bob Filner.

Filner, in letters to Kelly Broughton, director of the Development Services Department, which oversees code compliance, and San Diego police Chief William Landsdowne, also directed both of their departments “to stop sending dispensary code enforcement cases to the City Attorney’s Office for prosecution.”

“To be clear, if there are general code enforcement or health and safety issues arising from these businesses, you are expected to enforce those laws against these businesses in the same manner you would any other business,” the mayor wrote.

In a statement issued late Friday, he said he wanted “to assure the residents of San Diego that there will be the utmost safeguards surrounding these dispensaries. They will not be near schools, playgrounds or any areas where children might gather, nor will they be allowed to infringe on the quality of life in any neighborhood.”

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  1. Av Green on

    Good point. The hypocrisy is frustrating. It’s not even hypocrisy as much as it is discrimination, really. But like other discriminatory laws in a free society, it is doomed, and destined to be crushed to death.

  2. gutrod on

    America is going green. Will Canadian provinces follow their example and take on the hated Harper regimes drug laws and policies. Canadian cities need mayors like Bob Filner who governs with his brain and compassion. The Feds need to be brought to their knees by their bosses: the taxpayer who pays for the nightmare of prohibition and the war on drugs. Nixon and his policies should be eradicated from American history.

  3. Paul Pot on

    This is a significant step and another indication that elected officials are beginning to take the issue seriously.
    Each election support grows.
    2012 was great but now I’m hanging out to see what goes down in 2014.

  4. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Thank you for calling off that pack of wolves. Do places that sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco products have to adhere to the same location restrictions regarding schools and playgrounds? Why would minors who do not have a prescription be allowed in the establishments in the first place? Not even infants are allowed to be brought into a coffeeshop in The Netherlands, for example. People take their kids shopping with them in supermarkets and convenience stores where alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are sold. I understand the out of sight out of mind notion and NIMBY principle and the laws regarding school zones, but all that really has not halted cannabis legalization. One still has to be on the lookout for dealers selling to minors, and chances are great that they won’t be the dispensaries. Time will tell if this is feelgood stuff or if it really is a deterent. Any statistics? Any comparisons with businesses that sell alcohol or tobacco?