Medical Marijuana Boom Predicted for 2013

It may be crass to promote grass, but the concept of marijuana for medicinal purposes is spreading across the country, with many weed-wielding businesses predicting a high time for their bottom line.

One such company is X-Change Corporation, based in Dallas. The drug company announced late last month that it will unveil an array of cannabis-based products and formulas to medical dispensaries across the country, perhaps including the only facility in New Jersey.

In December, the Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair, N.J., became the first state-approved and licensed dispensary of medical marijuana in the Garden State. More than 300 approved and chronically ill patients received no more than two ounces of herb, and another hundred or so have joined a growing wait list to be approved by the state.

At least a dozen states are operating under some kind of state-mandated medical cannabis program. Add to the mix that legislators in Washington state and Oregon recently approved the recreational use of marijuana, and the weed business is indeed perched to soar to dizzying heights.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Joe—Yes! There are a number of weed manufactuers that claim 2013 will be their year, as they are planning to unveil a number of cannabis products to dispensaries across the county. For example, here in NJ, at 3 other medical marijuana facilities are slated to open this year. I’m certain that some of these companies will be actively marketing their THC products to needy patients…..

  2. Anonymous on

    You are was Washington and Colorado–not Oregon–thanks for the correction…..

  3. Anonymous on

    It was Colorado and Washington, not Oregon.

  4. joe on

    No it won`t the same amount of people who smoke now will continue to smoke and the black market will still supply because there is still to find a doctor who will give you a Prescription. Most doctors still will not sign.