Ten Years for G3 Holsitics Owner

Aaron Sandusky, whom prosecutors said used the ambiguity of California’s medical marijuana laws to create an illegal, for-profit, grow-and-sell operation that included a cultivation warehouse in Ontario and dispensaries in Moreno Valley, Upland and Colton, was sentenced to the maximum 10 years in prison on Monday, Jan. 7.

Sandusky, 42, of Rancho Cucamonga, was the co-founder and owner of G3 Holistics. He was convicted in October of conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute hundreds of pounds of marijuana, prosecutors said. The amount was derived from the jury’s finding that each count involved at least 1,000 marijuana plants.

Government attorneys said in a sentencing memorandum that Sandusky had no altruistic goals in establishing G3 Holistics, but instead used it to replace the income he lost in the collapse of his real estate business.

Sandusky sought probation in the sentencing before U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson in a downtown Los Angeles federal court.

Sandusky’s attorney claimed his client believed he was operating within the law. He also said it was federal authorities who had been ambiguous about how they would apply drug statutes in states where medical marijuana had been authorized. Under federal law, marijuana is an illegal drug.

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  1. Dr Greensleeves on

    …is that Aaron didn’t stand a chance. They put him up against Judge Percy Anderson who is notoriously unfair in his rulings. Nice of CC to leave out the fact that this arrogant judge all but scolded Sandusky before sentencing him. This judge made it sound like anyone who smokes pot is a menace to society and has lost their moral compass.

    We need judges like this removed from their bench. Your own personal feelings don’t belong on the bench. And that’s the way Anderson judges. He’s horrible. I feel very bad for Aaron. 10 years for providing a service to terminally ill people. What has the US come to? There is no justice in this country. NONE!

  2. Anonymous UK on

    He was tried and convicted because they can. He did not show any threat to the public and made attempts to stay within the law. The only reason he was sent to trial was so that some one can show how much contempt they have for any one who is involved with marijuana in any way. That attitude does not protect the public and is a waste of public money.