Outrage: Texas Women Cavity Searched by Police Over Alleged Marijuana Smell

So you say you don’t smoke pot, so how could the War on Drugs affect me?

Watch that video. It’s in Texas, but it could be anywhere in America… well, except now Washington and Colorado, because marijuana is not contraband there, and the smell of it in a car is not probable cause to search its driver and passengers.

In the video, reported by the UK Daily Mail and all over the national and international media, a trooper pulls over two women — a woman and her niece — for allegedly throwing a cigarette butt out of the car.

While talking to the women in the car over a littering charge, the trooper claims he smells marijuana. He then searches the car and finds no marijuana. He then administers a sobriety test, which the woman who was driving passed. No marijuana, no impaired driving, and the observation of a police officer that they might have littered from a car that smells like pot.

So, naturally, he calls a female trooper to the scene to search the women for any contraband marijuana they might have been hiding under their breasts, in their colons, or up their vaginas. Because sober littering driver pot smell drugs are bad, mmmkay?

No, really. The female trooper puts on a pair of latex gloves, tugs on the bras and feels up the underboob of the first lady, then reaches down the crack of her ass to insert a finger into her anus, then turns her around to reach down the front of her pants to slip two fingers into her vagina. Then the female officer repeats the process with the other lady, without changing gloves.

Why? Because marijuana is contraband. Medical marijuana doesn’t fix this. Decriminalization doesn’t fix this. Only legalization makes the possession of marijuana the possession of something that is not contraband.

– Read the entire article at Alternet.



  1. Av Green on

    This is an old story that’s been all over the place here in US. I’m kinda surprised to see CC just wake up to it. And yes, the two ladies are suing like hell.

  2. Dr Greensleeves on

    *probably not

  3. Dr Greensleeves on

    Fuck Texas! Of all the states that will probably legalize weed for any use it will be Texas. Or maybe those assholes in Utah. But seriously, fuck Texas with a longhorn!

  4. buddislander on

    I feel bad for everyone who lives in a fascist state.
    This is 2013 for God’s sake. Why are cops allowed to
    behave this way. No rights in Texas.

  5. Anonymous on

    Oh, I’ve just seen that this only happened like less than 36hrs ago from where i live. definitely they should and probably will put in a claim against the low life police force this man was hired and trained by. HOPE they WIN WIN WIN like good old Charlie sheen. maybe he could help by donating some cash to the cause for a lawyer.

  6. Anonymous on

    exactly what happened after the brain washed police SCUM done this terrible act right on a public highway? what sort of scum cop does that in what is supposed to be a civilised country. he should be made to strip in broad daylight or better still, thrown into the hands of some big bad ass gang-banging bunch of convicts so he can feel the same type of humility felt by that woman and her niece.

  7. Sparkky McPuff on

    I feel really bad for these two ladies they should have a constitutional challenge on their hands now so they should really fight this and sue the county and the police officers for this illegal search. I can’t believe they didn’t scream and shout but just stood there and let these officers violate them like that. I’m not blaming the victims here but there should be more awareness that these types of searches are grave injustices and morally reprehensible and NO ONE. Should allow anyone to touch or examine their privates in public!