Massachusetts Towns, Regulators Brace for Medical Marijuana

Massachusetts voters may have enthusiastically approved the legalization of medical marijuana, but that has not stopped communities around the state from rushing to amend their zoning regulations to make sure marijuana dispensaries are banned or restricted in their towns.

Although the law allowing the use of marijuana for patients with serious medical conditions went into effect Tuesday, the state Department of Public Health has until May 1 to issue regulations on who will run the dispensaries, who will work there, and how they will be operated.

DPH must also decide what constitutes a 60-day supply patients can receive.

Some cities and towns are working to bar dispensaries. Wakefield and Reading have already approved zoning changes to keep them out.

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  1. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Well, NIMBY can’t be everywhere since it was voted into law. Not In My Back Yard can’t be every single zoned area. Means No posh areas, has to be downtown or out in the boonies where po’ folks live. Just add them to the list the feds Do Not have the money to go after.

    Pass the House bill to keep the feds out of cannabis states. It’s the Little Boy to end the war on cannabis sooner than later. The train will speed all the faster toward the light at the legalization end of the tunnel as more states jump on that cannabis money train.