West Hollywood Dispensary Offers Veterans Free Medical Marijuana

A West Hollywood medical marijuana dispensary announced this week that it provides free cannabis to military veterans and participates in a range of community service activities.

Since opening in 2003, Zen Healing has worked on behalf of several charitable causes. From feeding the homeless to raising funds for HIV/AIDS charities and the marriage equality movement, the dispensary’s founder Andrew Kramer and employees regularly have put their money and time toward giving back to the community.

Zen Healing’s latest philanthropic move came in the form of its newly launched Veteran Patient Program. Medical marijuana patients who show proof of military service receive a free glass container with a quarter-ounce of high-quality cannabis every three months.

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  1. Son of Sam Walton on

    That’s why we educate the vet to use his or her voice since they have street cred. The War on Drugs creates mean streets, which creates volunteers to fight Uncle Sam’s wars. If we teach the vet, then the vet can influence laws and what terms should the military be deployed on: worldwide or not? I still enjoy knowing that we do help natural disaster victims because of our training and resources . . . and getting rid of dictators (but the war on drugs creates drug money paid terrorists -influences them to not use hemp -creates instability, which creates war or makes war larger and longer. The Vet knows this, but needs training. The people are supposed to have the idea and the idea was protected by the vet and the vet should be willing to speak out the idea in public with his street cred. It’s a machine made of millions of parts. We must teach every part how to function. We must influnece many to be a part of the machine so the machine doesn’t get appathy, which creates drug wars etc and police States. By being on the Vet’s side, we can can gain trust and have communication. They were once civilians, so they understand the people.

  2. Son of Sam Walton on

    Anonymous, quit pretending to be a soldier and quit dumping loads of propaganda out. Only those who want a Police State will vilify those who can create change: which is the ones who volunteer to serve in one uniform or the other: be it cop or firefighter or park ranger etc). By doing nothing for your nation, you aid in its apathy and its breakdown. Only by volunteering do we fix the problem. You are why we don’t teach our young to volunteer for all the good reasons. You are human hunters –you seek to destroy America because you are angry that you live on Native American Soil as white folk. You don’t want to see the dead Native Americans get justice for their fight against the Feds and you the pioneer –immigrant taking up Native American lands. Only can the people make America better. You are a louse and a cockroach if you only stand in the way and spread foul droppings. Volunteer for a better tomorrow, quit blaming your mistakes on others. BE willing to work hard to change the functions of the machines. You are an anarchist in hypocrites’ skin. You’ll vilify a cop for busting your friend with weed, but you appreciate him for apprehending a thief who robbed you –yet you don’t feel like it’s your obligation to be a cop yourself before you stack the odds of getting busted for pot or drugs keeps you away from civic duty (and you can teach the young to learn from your mistakes). You could join the military and have a huge chance of getting elected or at least having credibility that gives you a voice. All you want to do is topple America down over drugs being illegal. That’s something a child would do: burn down the house because the bigger brother lied and told on you and you had to be put on time out. You never grew up to be an adult who had the power to place the other babies in time out or in loving parental guidance: lead them to safety and prosperity. You are cancers inside the body and I’m the cure, which is why you attack us, which is why you try to corrupt the DNA into thinking it doesn’t have to be that way. All you have to do is do something more than just voting your beliefs –more than just letter writing, but a true movement of the people to influence the people who is the Government. If by going back to school to get a college degree helps you to navigate the charts, then so be it . . . don’t just go to school so it will give you a good enough job so you can buy foreign products made by workers who deep down in their heats know you live the life of a king or queen because you are a Canadian or American. You want the world to be a better place: work for it. The world is government –government is not chaos, you are chaos . . . you pick and chose what kind of government you want by not having influence.

  3. Son of Sam Walton on

    But it’s up to you the people to force the American DOD to not force U.S. military into other places. Afghanistan is justifiable since Osama owned a chunk of land and took credit for the 9/11 attack. The people allowed Osama and all the terrorist to get involved in the illegal dope game –by not being strong enough to stop the CSA, which would stop the 1961 U.N. Single Convention. U.S. military are needed in a world where the citizen doesn’t have the gumption to stop the war on drugs –I’d be honored to die next to an African whose village is ransacked by drug money sponsored militias. Ending the Drug war means stopping a few wars and reducing the violence in other wars as well. No 9/11 equals no Iraq people. Do you not get it. Drug money created 9/11 and U.S. soldiers were called to defend. You the people didn’t call for drug legalization in the 80’s when Panama was happening: that’s our only war crime. Iraq is all your fault because of 9/11 –because of the fact you allowed the insurgents and the CIA’s Iran-Contra supply them with weapons, that forced us to deploy more often and stay longer –that increased the odds of a Peaceful Saddam free Iraq a pipe-dream. You the people who have no Civic leg to stand on (one that volunteering to be soldier, cop, firefighters, Park Ranger etc –for a few years) are pilled up far to high and are barriers to the cause of making the world a better place. Many would not join the military if it wasn’t for 9/11. If the People demanded that the Military play a different role, it would. The War on Terror is by all legal justification, supposed to be a D.O.J. War, not one with U.S. military since the whole show began with a drug money financed BANG. How was influencing thousands of fewer deaths in Yugoslavia a bad thing? We did that –not you the civilian. How was keeping South Korea away from the north a bad thing? How was riding Nanking of the Japanese a bad thing? How was freeing the black man a bad thing? You the civilians headed out west and you killed the Indian alongside me and General Custard. By the People not crawling inside the machine, you’ll never know how to operate it for the better. If you don’t infiltrate, you are the enemy . . . Most of your modern medical technology comes from war and the military. You the people vote in the politicians, while only voting –not doing more –not writing valid letters and spreading the news with valid input. I teach the machine. I train the machine. I am a part of the Machine and you aren’t even grease –you are nothing to the cause of change –you are a muted voice and cannot read diagnostics of the machine. The people chose not to get involved. I stir up shit in the machine, why aren’t you stirring up the people . . . it belongs to you you idiot –it’s your fucking machine you freak and you refuse to get involved with what’s rightfully yours (WE THE PEOPLE).

  4. Anonymous on

    You have to be adult to join the military, and an adult is supposed to know what they are doing when they do it. There are always other options than joining a war to make money. Good people do not join wars. The demographics of people joining the military are people who believe in the USA fantasy that the USA gets to run the whole world. They are hunters, gun nuts, fundamentalists, Muslim-haters, good ole boys who have been raised on violent video games and think war might be fun, and it’s a nice paycheck too. Here’s what I mean:

  5. gutrod on

    War what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again. At least American music from the 70’s tells the truth. The years of the 60’s and 70’s when pot changed the world’s conscience.

  6. gutrod on

    There is no shortage of unemployed space cowboyz out there fully prepared to do the devil’s work of the American government the DEA. Wars create employment and support big business. Cannabis is the best solution to change the mindset. Peace Bro.

  7. gutrod on

    I disagree on this one. The American military is primarily made up of men from poor neighborhoods where their only other hope of employment would be joining a street gang. They have been through hell and back fighting in the Middle East. They could also get cut off all aid from the military if it is discovered that they are using M.J. as medicine. They were under the illusion that they were fighting for freedom.

  8. Anonymous on

    This is for the guy who posted the “go straight to hell” comment. Your anger, profanity, insults, and threats of violence are exactly what makes people oppose soldiers and war. Yeah dude, politicians start wars, but you VOLUNTEERED to get paid blood money to go invade and occupy other people’s countries. You got injured soley because you VOLUNTEERED to go carry the gun for Uncle Sam, not because of how somebody voted. The U.S. military and the DEA are in bed together; your time as a soldier did nothing righteous to protect any real freedom. All you did was get paid to do bad things on behalf of Dick Cheney and other thugs. And here you are on a marijuana website insulting people and threatening them with violence. THAT is typical of volunteer U.S. soldiers…especially the redneck, rah-rah, gun-totin’ dregs of society. They like to kill. They like to dominate. When you confront them, they threaten to shoot you. But your karma is worse than anything I can say to you, dude. Smoke a bowl and contemplate the harm you have done to this world. I hope you wake up some day and change who you are!!!

  9. Anonymous on

    ahh people relax…its just a ploy to sell more weed. So it was the ones who were drafted that raped and pillaged….ohhh ok

  10. Fuck You Anonymous on

    I was wounded in combat that YOUR liberal voting has continued. These people are giving 7 grams to veterans able to receive medical cannabis and you’re looking down on them? Maybe you should get off your trust-fund couch and go see what the bravest people in the world do for a living. We don’t start wars, we fight those that are started by politicians. Pussy-ass bitch, I wish you would enlighten us with your dreck in public, because you never know when someone who signed a blank check up to and including their life so you could have the right to be some antifa whiny little girl will perform a spot correction. Enjoy your freedoms, but if you don’t stand behind our troops, please, by all means, stand in front of them.

  11. Son of Sam Walton on

    What if you serve to get better access on having enough experience and more credibility within the system to change the world for the better? If I write to a politician, he’ll respond to me because I know more than most civilians because of what war and civic service taught me. If I run for office, I’ll be more likely to be elected than a civilian. If I run against a former cop –I’ll get more votes. To not serve is to protect the DEA as apparent in the fact that Civilians allow DEA to enter into their homes and businesses at will, while not being educated enough to know the Constitution or laws that can prove the DEA don’t legally belong to the DOJ or Feds (1890 Sherman Anti Trust Violation in regards to Hemp). If you are a vet, you are more camouflaged and more aware of the real world –so a vet can protest the law while looking like a conformist. Civilians don’t believe civilians most of the time, unless you have credibility like Marc Emery. Civilians refuse service because they are afraid that they’ll be asked to do more for the civic body after ETS –because they are afraid that they’ll see a foul and be required to call it. That’s why more vets have more on the ball when it comes to the body politic than the civilian does. You see, your lack of military service makes you blind to the law, while I can use the Constitution (from my experience in war) to prove that the CSA laws were meant to create the black market since everyone who buys an illegal drug, buys it off the drug black market, which proves that the CSA is the physical body of the drug black market herself (remove the CSA, you remove the Drug black market –create the CSA, you create the drug black market, which proves that the CSA is the black market in legal body). And the CSA directly finances terrorism (as seen on 9/11), which makes it an illegal law, since a treasonous law is not law . . . the CSA is a threat to our National Security, our borders, and to our troops . . . this means that anyone who obeys the CSA laws are by legal definition (since we are legally at war), helping terrorists . . . this is evident in the fact that nobody arrested for drugs after 9/11 (like Marc) ever receive the right to have a trial since it’s illegal to be a judge or DA if you are trying to protect terrorist funding through the law (which strips them of their rights and makes them felons for helping terrorists –which proves the intent of illegally Kidnapping and hostage taking of ‘arrested drug users’ by the CSA obeying cops, jailors, judges, DA etc –since they have been legally stripped of their authority since it’s illegal to give aid to the enemy during a time of war). You the civilian would never see the CSA law as a violation of Church and State, since the CSA law directly profits Islamic Terrorism, and since Radical Islam’s goal is to force us to submit to Islam, this proves that all the CSA obeying politicians, DOJ, DOC are forcing the will of Islam on America by directly giving aid to the Muslim Terrorists who seek to force Islam on us (as seen in Africa and the Philippines). How could you the civilian ever see that? You couldn’t. That’s why if you don’t serve, you don’t see and if you don’t see, you are allies with the DEA through ignorance. Prove me wrong. I double Dog Dare you. Most of the time, civilians choose to be blind by not seeing all the facts that military service could give them (and it creates desire to protect the nation with more than your life, but with your wits and logic), which proves they choose to help the DEA and DOJ arrest law abiding citizens by not having the law on their side to protect said citizen. I know more about defeating the illegal laws than you do . . . you don’t know the arguments to defeat the law, I do and therefore you need me, which makes you a hypocrite for blasting vets . . . I’ve done more for your right to not get arrested for meth or heroin or pot, than you have done for me or yourself and you can prove that. Lack of education and real world experience keeps you in chains, while I know how to free you, which is why I work more than you do to rid the world of illegal laws protected by you the blind voter/taxpayer. Have a little more respect for someone who’d die for a raped little Afghan girl –who has more legal ammo against the feds than you’ll have in 2 or 8 lifetimes. Because I know more than you, I trump your reasoning, which trumps your opinion. Prove me wrong. You cannot as evident that you are so uneducated to battle me with a reasonable argument . . . all you have is a short paragraph containing opinions and not facts. You are the embodiment of the CSA laws since you are too unaware of what the REAL WORLD looks like . . . your lack of military service makes you more gullible. I have a more fighting chance with a cheap or free lawyer if I get busted for pot or meth to prove that the Judge and attorney and the arresting officer only arrested me for drugs so Islamic Terrorism can receive money (which I already proved –which the DEA and CIA and U.N. proves when they say that terrorism uses drug money on the official report) –which means I’m more likely to get my case thrown out and then file a lawsuit for monetary claims against the Feds forcing me to volunteer for military service after 9/11, since I would have never joined the military if drugs were not illegal and illegal drugs did create 9/11 –therefore I have a case that can prove that arresting drug users is only for the purpose of putting the U.S. and her troops in harms way (as seen on 9/11, New York City 1993, 1996 and 2012 Embassy Bombings, 2009 Christmas Day bomb threat in America, Time Square bomb threat etc). You see, I can push a bigger ball down the hill than you can . . . now get your little ball rolling and prove me wrong. No Military Service is the epitome of conformity in today’s land and legal landscape.

  12. Anonymous on

    Looks like its broken so its hard to figure out this thread!! So in reponse to dicejay let’s not maek it seem like people are so dumb that they are not aware that when they join the military during a time when there are two invasions and occupations going on that they are not going to do bad things. Hell before these wars even started we knew that Bush and Cheney were lying. Lets be real if you volunteer to go invade and occupy somebody else’s country, you know what you are going to be doing. I agree with you that our entire culture lies to people to make it seem like America is the best country on earth so we get to send our weaponry and soldiers all over the world and kill people because we are gods country, rah rah rah. Those are lies for sure. But some of us get it, and got it, that being in the military is a job that serves death. Thats why most of us didnt join the military, and why my father refused to shoot innocent civilians in Vietnam and was court martialed for it. Anyone who defends the military is defending the DEA and war too. Which means that the defender has no morals at all!

  13. Son of Sam Walton on

    Thank You Dice-Jay.

    Today’s harshness towards the ;military I believe stems from Vietnam, which was a war fought by U.S. civilians and not so much by the Military since most were drafted, which means it was the average American civilian who was raping and burning down villages in Nam. Though I cannot speak for the war with Panama, except for the fact we do know that Noriega was a real bastard to his people –even though drugs were the reason why we deployed. But then again, 9/11 only happened because drugs were illegal (financed). Drugs are only illegal because Civilian (majority) and Military (minority) citizens haven’t stopped the drug war, which is the same thing as the War on Terror, since drug money is roughly 90% or more attributed to financing the enemy (and if 9/11 was an inside job, then it was from drug money since the CIA proved their ability to utilize dope as a method of making money to fund non authorized or non-funded missions). Iraq is our bane –but for what it’s worth, we did stop Saddam and most likely by the time you count the Kurd body count, there is most likely much less violence in Iraq after America went and left Iraq. But then again the road to Baghdad was driven on by mostly Civilian Vehicles demanding Saddam be ousted after he refused to let the U.N. in . . . and of course Kuwait in the 90’s did justify the removal of Saddam in the first place (or we can prove the most evil thing in the world was to remove Hitler from power), which should had happened as a part of the Gulf War. In Taliban controlled Afghanistan, rape of young women was something that every if not most little girls endured . . . a common trait that their women share, similar to American women having something in common with each other as well: High School Prom. It’s a catch 22, this war: without us, you would have went to war as a drafted person . . . with civilians willingly paying taxes, we couldn’t escape war if we tried . . . A U.S. soldier’s refusal to go to war or obey orders would have been punished by the civilian taxpayer’s ability to fund sentencing of U.S. soldiers refusing orders. Only through the refusal to pay taxes would both civilian and soldier be blame free from any war or war crimes that might exist, since it requires citizen’s willingness and monetary desire for a war or war crime to be happened in the first place. Thoreau proved that it’s the duty of every American to go to jail for not paying taxes if said taxes facilitates something wrong. Taxes are the blessings –permission we need to invade and deploy time after time. Unemployed Americans are very lucky creatures: they don’t finance the war on drugs or war on terror. But then again, every U.S. soldier who went to war was once a civilian in America –what does that say about every last one of us Americans? Since it’s the Government by the People who has the power to send us to war –every individual action for good or for bad committed by the military was also being committed by the tax payer: we are chess pawns –the Civilian created the rules and playing board and they are the hand that pushes the chess piece. It was the tax payer who created the Abu Grahb Scandal and inhumane treatment of prisoners –it was the Tax Payer who decided to let girls go to school. It’s the American civilian who endorses the war video games and plays the game . . . it’s the civilian who raises and nurtures as parent and community, the soon to be U.S. soldier. But only through trial and error will both Civilian and Vet create an America that is either better or not.

  14. dice_jay on

    Keep in mind that the US military lies to get these people to volunteer, right down to subsidizing and even creating violent video games. You make them all out to be monsters, when in reality, they really believed they were going out to help. By the time these soldiers figure out what they are really doing there, it’s too late and they end up coming home unemployed and suffering physical and mental disabilities. I think it is great what this dispensary is doing.

  15. Son of Sam Walton on

    What about all the civilians who rape and kill and rob and abuse their own countrymen or foreigners for cheaper business or while on holiday? I bet you there are more ‘bad civilians’ than bad U.S. troops (when compared). The imperfections of the military and its personnel are directly attributed to your own faults . . . you refused to give your men orders to not shoot up any little children or mosques or homes and vehicles (which is far more rarer than you driving over the speed limit or cutting off another driver or opening the door up for a total stranger). I’ve known countless men and women who were injured or killed because they refused to defend their lives in the heat of combat, when it risked the innocent who were between them and danger. How is educating a woman wrong –are you against the equality of women (obviously)? How is stopping rape wrong? How is giving the thirty or starving food and water wrong (something you’ve never practiced)? Most people joined the military after America was attacked –not before. I cannot speak for the ones who volunteered before 9/11 –nor can I speak for the ones that never saw war, but only peacetime. We had no legal right to invade Iraq, but we had a humane right to take out Saddam and offer their people elections and a protected Kurdish State (which still has seen no war or attacks since Saddam mass murdered many of them). Our invasion of Iraq is blamed on the civilians since we are a Government by the People –only the people are to blame if the Government becomes the Government. Afghanistan was legally justified because Osama had his own Province in Afghanistan and claimed responsibility for 9/11, thus proving Afghanistan was the place where the military was supposed to be deployed, though the Taliban originate from Pakistan. Would it not have been better for you to volunteer and make the U.S. Military better one person at a time –instead of leaving it all up to the ‘bad people’ you conjured up out of fantasy? You already justify Consumerism by not boycotting it in your life, and consumerism destroys the earth and nations and people far worse than war does –which demonstrates hypocrisy in your life. I bet you your soul that you’ve driven a car –cars kill more people than war does, but you don’t speak out against all those ‘evil’ drivers taking risks with their lives and other’s lives and property: hypocrite. You cannot be a hypocrite and yet receive justification for your opinion, since you are no better than the U.S. Military you claim to be so bad (what did you do to stop U.S. soldiers in your platoon from harassing the locals etc –I at least ate their food, helped them clean up after their meals and gave them gifts). While I was at war, you used petrol (oil), which much of it comes from the Middle East, which was another reason why we went into Iraq: Oil. Did you boycott anything containing or using oil: cars or plastics? Of course not, thus proving your guilt as a consumer demanding we kill and destroy for a bit of cheaper oil based product(s). You have to be pure in heart and mind and in lifestyle for you to have justification in your opinion: so where is your justification? Is helping refugees during Hurricane Katrina wrong? Is helping combat wildfires and floods wrong? All of which is done by the U.S. Military. I bet you your soul that you would have found it easier in life to volunteer as a Red Cross or Peace Corp worker aiding the civilians of Iraq or Afghanistan to receive justification for your opinion than for you to be left alone to your own personal civilian life. You speak on things you know nothing about based on no personal experience in such matters –am I wrong? What U.S. Military base were you stationed at as a Civilian Aid worker –well, which one? Where were you in giving aid to the Haitians after the big quake or the Indonesians after the big Tsunami? Aid was given by the U.S. Marines and Navy (who are a part of the U.S. Military). Because you have never volunteered a single hour of your life to making the world better, let alone risked your life for the safety of women and little girls and voters and Kurds wanting the end of their genocide, you are weak and have no credibility in any Civic Institution, which means you are a burden to the American people when it comes to making real positive change. You have no voice because no cop will listen to you . . . I at least get respect from cops and judges and politicians and mayors because of my service –I at least am a few steps closer in changing the minds and hearts of prohibitionist and the American people who are blinded to the facts because I have real credibility and facts (not like you who receives all your education and life experiences from YouTube). You are a war monger because you won’t boycott your taxes, which oils the machine you despise so much . . . I bet you your life that you would have been that so called ‘Murdering gun crazy loon who would commit harms to civilians while in uniform at war’ –that’s why you never volunteered. You are too week willed to be able to keep your humane human identity in the heat of battle and military service –I bet you my soul that you would have ended up mistreating the locals –remember, it was the Civilian who burned the fields of Vietnam and their villages . . . far too many Civilians in a War Zone during the 60’s (Draft). That’s why we have volunteers: people who in the majority are strong enough to refuse inhumane actions in the heat of war, though there are a few bad apples. So since you are a hypocrite and void of a logical opinion, I’ll go ahead and say what a clear conscious would say: you are 100% in favor of free weed for Vets –prove me wrong. What good things have you done for the world or your own nation –tell me –I mean it, tell me? You cannot. I’ve got Military Service during war, Habitat 4 Humanity while in the Army, American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina and a bad local ice storm while in the Army, Veterans Student Affairs volunteer, feeding the homeless during Thanksgiving while in the military, picking up trash, probably thousands of letters to various newspapers and politicians and city councils in America and Canada urging them to end the war on drugs based on x and x data and reasoning. The military teaches us how to positively affect the nation (lead the sheep to water and safety), while being a civilian teaches you to ‘blame others’, ‘seek handouts’, ‘lose self reliance and identity’, ‘bow down to big brother’, ‘not question authority’, ‘brainwashing’, ‘excepting what is’ etc. You hate what you don’t understand and fear. You don’t realize that you the voting taxpaying civilian are the problem –but war (as bad as it is), gives us the opportunity to freeze-frame and catch justice –to see justice with a better and more trained eye –to dissect reason and see if something more just can come out of it. You are the embodiment of the police State because you won’t stand up against it –you won’t infiltrate it –you won’t receive the training it takes to battle the police State. I dare you, prove me wrong –I double dog –no triple dog dare you. But you can’t, yet I’ll wait for your justification like some starry eyed teenage girl waits for her date’s phone call. But you are a hypocrite. Show me the plank in my eye brother. Show me some facts and not a short little paragraph you farted out. Use some logic –use some real facts. You people (civilian) forced us to go to war, because without volunteers –it would have forced you to go to war through a draf . . . you cannot hate what you created or demand out of us . . . you have killed civilians by not doing enough as a civilian . . . you feel like you don’t have time, like your job or studies and personal life is worth more than some little kid’s life –am I right? You are a prohibitions wet dream –you are easy to control. Were you not brainwashed by the State (education from taxes) to believe the Military is all or mostly bad by a bunch of ‘gave up on change and peace’ hippy professors. I applaud the State for brainwashing you in thinking you are not brainwashed. You are a bump in the road for ending the U.S.’s War on Drugs. You are too much of an individual to care about the welfare of others –that’s how I will short change you –my stereotype of the ‘Civilian who blames the U.S. military for many wrongs and the Drug War.

  16. Anonymous on

    wow some of these comments are crazy. the guys i know who joined the military were unemployable and gun nut type people. they went to small countries and did some terrible things then they came back with ptsd, nightmares, and a guilty conscience. the ones who have a conscience simply apologize for being a war servant and they try to do something to make up for it. they dont argue that war is good or that Americas constant military stomping around the whole world is somehow righteous. and yeah the military is a big part of the drug war, serving right beside the DEA. so no i have no respect for volunteer soldiers but it’s good if they buy bud instead of booze. however to give bud away to them is so wrong. give it to the peacemakers…the people who help the world, not who carry guns into small countries. here’s a video of the glorious American military in action:

  17. Son of Sam Walton on

    Did you know that tax money supports the drug war and U.S. military? Civilians are a bigger threat to the world and one’s God Given Rights than the U.S. military, U.S. Government or the DEA combined . . . civilians freely, willingly and without hesitation give the above groups money to kill. Without money, the system breaks . . . it would be easier for you to boycott your taxes or at the very least boycott the percentage of taxes you pay that goes to the drug war or U.S. military . . . or you could join the U.S. Military and make it better one G.I. at a time –thus proving you deserve free bud. Did you know murder for hire is illegal in America –yeah, it’s illegal for you to pay someone money so they can murder . . . that’s tax money: murder for hire. Civilians offer the biggest threat to world peace because civilians don’t do anything but support war through money and support war through not personally infiltrating the system (or by not being like Marc Emery and the lot of human rights heroes). Every vet deserves free weed because vets are trying to get street cred in making the system better and more equal –by positively utilizing their life and world changing experiences back home. Only civilians like Marc, Jack, Tommy, Cheech, Matt, Charlie Lynch, Barry, Ed etc know how to swim in deep murky waters –they are the only kind of civilians going outside their simple stress void care free safe cozy civilian life and risking death or prison for a better tomorrow . . . that’s why people like Marc Emery are honorary U.S. Soldiers (patriots) in America’s image: they risk everything like we soldiers and vets do. If you are a tax payer who doesn’t support the military, it’s because you support the status-quo by being too lazy and inhumane and monstrous to change it yourself (one person at a time) . . . only a loving human being has the strength to ride on top of the armor of war and unjust society in attempts to subdue and break the beast. America is supposed to be through precedents, trial and error and Constitutional Law: the first nation whose military has a role much deeper than just going to war (which is why we are urged to disobey inhumane orders –like rape or burning a village –And Vietnam was mostly fought by you the drafted civilian –not the volunteer soldier). You are no better than the cops or few military personnel who do real harm to the world . . . you support evil by not boycotting your taxes or by infiltrating the system: military, police, fire fighters, park rangers, etc. You cannot get a thorough study of what it’s like to be or live in China while staying in America –you must go to China to experience the fullness of being in China. How many care packages containing food, t-shirts, socks, soap, toothpaste/brushes, razors etc did you send to the Indian foreign contract workers working on American military bases overseas? Or are you one of those millions of fascists who believe in slave labor via your refusal to make their lives better through a few inexpensive care packages (I’ve at least written to countless politicians about how unfair the Indian workers have it because of your addiction to Halliburton and KBR) –I at least gave the Indian workers my packages I received from home –what have you done to further equality? There is no historical evidence or proof that supports your view that the U.S. military commits huge harms (a few bad apples yes) to the world (you are far more harmful to the safety of the world through your slothful uncaring inactivity). You are the kind of civilian who goes ahead and pays full price for your 2lt. bottle of Pepsi (which is taxed), while getting mad at big government and offering no help whatsoever to make the world better –you are no better than Bush or Obama or Anslinger –you are that person who stands there with his or her hands in their pocket, while watching others work. A real hero to the cause is someone who will educate the returning vet about medical marijuana and the drug war. It’s not everyday after working with the CIA in Baghdad that you realize 9/11 only happened because drugs are illegal (drug money financing the attacks, which led us to war fighting drug money in the Middle East). So, if you pay your taxes, while offering no valuable and viable service to your nation and community, you are a fascists DEA loving hypocrite. The Federal Government has made numerous statements and legal documents declaring Marijuana is a medicine in smoked and non-smoked form and the Federal Government herself has stated for the legal record that Cannabis is a Schedule 2 if not Schedule 3 drug on the list –that is the Veterans Affairs Hospital who has done that, which is directly under the DOD and U.S. President. The vet through war and service is protecting the rights of pot smokers much better than you are because their action and humane service demands that pot be recognized on a Federal Level as medicine (which it is). If you pay your taxes (while offering no service or the willingness to do what Mr. Emery and the like have done), you support cops keeping drugs illegal, which places drugs on the black market, which supports terrorism, which forces many to witness 4 humans (8 hands) to carry just one little 2yr old girl –a young life destroyed by a drug money bought insurgent bomb –paid by you the taxpayer who pays cops to bust folks in your area –you pay money in the form of taxes so the drug war can survive and that’s all you do with your life right? You go out and destroy the world, but when we U.S. soldiers try to clean up your civilian mess, we get hounded for it (you are like little children throwing your toys [tax dollars] here and there and then someone gets hurt by tripping on the ball or roller skate –while allowing bugs to crawl around the place because you keep a messy room filled with half eaten cookies and pieces of candy). The DEA know that the returning Vets suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injury is a huge unraveling ball of yarn for the prohibition of marijuana –if you are against vets receiving free bud, you are 100% DEA and the DEA would troll such a comment(s) to help unravel those who seek to end the drug war. Why do U.S. soldiers protect poppy and hash fields: to discourage a much bigger conflict –to allow the locals to farm and thrive –to win the hearts and minds of the people and to not be like the American police or Soviets in trying to enslave them in regional war lords, segregation, politics and big business. Cannabis Culture is supposed to be a website for educated smokers (and non-smokers) and not for those who chose to skip or drop out of high school so they can toke up more behind the PlayStation –High Times would best suit those who dropped out of high school. Only through service (like the vet’s or Marc’s) or refusal to pay taxes, does one receive the right to have a logical opinion . . . your opinion is void of all reason, historical accuracy and real world experience and your opinion is as viable as the Spanish Acquisition’s or Holocaust’s rights to proceed. Evil Men and Evil women sit down and allow evil to prevail by offering no service to upset the balance of evil. Remember, the U.S. military did technically fight and die for the slaves and protected the rights of the Negro to be out of bondage . . . only a slave owner can hate the U.S. military (since that can be proven with historical and legal precedents) –remember, it was the U.S. military who protected the rights of 9 black students to go to high school in Little Rock –only a segregationist is against the U.S military. Since the U.S. military is a melting pot of various human races and religions (something that should work for us in making a better and more just and unified nation), those who don’t support the troops, supports racism and segregation and Imperial American status-quo. Remember, a white vet from Hillbilly Hollow Cousin Fucking Oklahoma chose to endure war and personal growth and change with his roommates: the Blacks, Hindi, Sikh, Mexican, Catholic, Atheist, Haitian, Muslim, Asian, Protestant, Jew, Gay and Slavic etc friends –civilians are far more likely to have trouble battling ignorance than the Vet –a civilian is far more likely to attack and put down what they don’t understand or accept. Quit supporting Militant Islam’s claim to use drug money for murder, power and terror –Marc and all the U.S. soldiers are attempting to keep drug money bought weapons and bombs and fighters from hurting democracy and the innocent of the Middle East world –while positively changing our governments in America and Canada.

  18. Mark on

    You don’t punish fascists by acting like one!

  19. Anonymous on

    I agree with the commenter who said it’s wrong to give out buds to U.S. soldiers. I don’t buy drug war lies or American war lies of any kind. U.S. soldiers do not do good in our world. They are used as part of the drug war. Most of them are conservative fundamentalists who joined up so they could go shoot Muslims for fun. Trying to defend what U.S. military does is like trying to defend what DEA does.

  20. Anonymous on

    The above/below post arguing this article does not deserve a beating heart. Enough said, dick head.

  21. Anonymous on

    Sorry, but anyone who volunteers for the USA Imperial Army does not deserve free buds, unless the buds come with information about the war crimes that the USA military commits worldwide, invading and occupying small countries, using torture, etc. Watch the Wikileaks helicopter video to see what the brave soldiers do. It’s a volunteer military and anybody attracted to go carry a gun for Uncle Sam is not such a good person. You should give free buds to people who get beat up by police during environmental protests, civil rights protests, etc. Not to people who chose to take money carrying a gun for the Empire. The drug war and all the other USA wars are linked. Don’t reward the warriors. They have harmed this planet. They are Team America World Police.