The Stoner Girls Guide To Max Tannone

I was trimming a crop at a growers house the other week, when I got a little trim on my scarf.

My buddy and I were chatting about music and he had the audacity to say “no one listens to whole albums anymore.”

If people ever stop listening to whole albums, I will stamp my fucking foot and cry. Listening to one song is fine, for the first time but you gotta hear the whole album. Otherwise it is like going to a strip-club without getting a lap dance. Ya know? It is the same reason I like to date a bunch of people at the same time. Makes the ones you love stand out from the ones you like.

I have an intense need to find new songs (and more importantly whole albums) to fall in love with and listen to for days on end. The ultimate is if I find an album I end up loving for the rest of my life. After the initial zing of love in my brain has worn off, there is something that can spice up the relationship. Remixes, mash-ups, ideally an entire mixtape. They can do what my ex-gf does to me in a new dress.

I think sleeping at night is highly overrated. It is far easier to avoid full participation in mainstream society when I stay up all night for one. Sometimes I stay up all night smoking kush and downloading mixtapes. So in this year I have probably downloaded … hundreds?

Out of these, a few done by Max Tannone are at the top of my loving-list. I first met Max Tannone’s Mos Dub mixtape. It is fucking wonderful. I was worried before I listened that it might be blasphemy (since Mos Def is a God). It surpassed all my expectations. Max Tannone’s mixtapes feel good in my ears and that is all that matters to me.

From the first mixtape of Max Tannone’s I met, Mos Dub

“In My Math”: “… 40% of Americans own a cell phone, so they can hear, everything that you say when you ain’t home …”

“Kampala Truth Work”: “… The girl I love don’t wear panties much and when my song comes on both her hands be up …”

From Max Tonnone’s Dub Kweli mixtape

“Country of Loving”: “… Raised on Rakim and Run DMC, so I thought that everybody walked this way …”

“More or Less Dub”: “… More marijuana, less coke …”

Last but not least, some gems from Max Tannone’s Ghostfunk mixtape

“The Same Girl”: “… And the Lord knows best what I’ma do to him …”

Psychedelic Woman: “… la la la la laaaa, la la la la la la la la …”

Respect to Max Tannone, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Ghostface. For the love of fucking music listen to every song you can find put on this world by any of these guys.

You can download Max Tannone magic at

Toke it easy readers.

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