Seattle Medical Marijuana Entrepreneur Sentenced on Federal Charges

Medical marijuana entrepreneur Brionne Corbray, whose dispensaries were raided last year, was sentenced Wednesday in federal court to five years of probation and fined $25,000, but he avoided prison time.

He’s the first local dispensary owner to be sentenced on federal drug-dealing charges, The Seattle Times reported Thursday.

Corbray pleaded guilty in August to conspiracy to deal drugs, based on undercover drug buys at his three dispensaries. They were raided along with his home in November 2011 when federal agents seized 7 pounds of dried marijuana and $1,700.

Federal prosecutors wanted a one-year sentence. Instead, U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez gave Corbray the probation, fine and a warning because “you were trying to skate on the legal side of things as much as you could.”

Corbray operated G.A.M.E. Collective locations in West Seattle, White Center and North Seattle. The White Center site south of Seattle included a smoking lounge described as a bar without alcohol.

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  1. joe on

    It is funny the USA Government says we have no money to put armed guards in the school. But they will spend money to wear house an non violent person to house feed in jail When that person has done nothing to any person but put something in there own body. Seems to me they do not want to protected the children from crazy killers and the gun control nuts think that the killers will obey laws. The killers will just buy the guns from the black market.

  2. gutrod on

    The American and Canadian governments encourage bully ism. Their actions speak for itself. Democracy is a myth to anyone who chooses healthier poison than the legal ones available to us. They are a bunch of space cowboyz on a crusade.

  3. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    This case should have been thrown out in light of 2 U.S. states legalizing. If they thought the feds would appeal, then an even lighter sentence than this, to avoid putting him through more shit, stress and financial strain, as the feds waste more money on enforcing federal cannabis prohibition.

    This guy should be completely exonerated, none of this shit on his record. Same thing for Marc Emery, his record cleared, his name cleared and financial compensation.

    When the hell is the Congress going to vote on that bill, what is it 6606, the keep the feds the hell out of the states’ business? There is nothing wrong when states’ rights are used to expand people’s liberty, expand their freedom, such as with legalizing cannabis, gay marriage, shit like that. This prohibitionist crowd, however, seems only for states’ rights when the position RESTRICTS or REDUCES people’s freedom, such as using it to enforce racist laws and policies, oppose civil rights and shit. Doesn’t matter the race of the people involved, I would still want the feds out, but here the feds have set themselves up for it.

    Obama, when are you going to nudge things along even more toward the legalization end of the continuum?

    The voters did their part.

    Have you forgotten your roots, where the little people like me still are? Help us all out on this issue.