The Next Seven States to Legalize Pot

The Berlin Wall of pot prohibition seems to be crumbling before our eyes.

By fully legalizing marijuana through direct democracy, Colorado and Washington have fundamentally changed the national conversation about cannabis. As many as 58 percent of Americans now believe marijuana should be legal. And our political establishment is catching on. Former president Jimmy Carter came out this month and endorsed taxed-and-regulated weed. “I’m in favor of it,” Carter said. “I think it’s OK.”

In a December 5th letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) suggested it might be possible “to amend the Federal Controlled Substances Act to allow possession of up to one ounce of marijuana, at least in jurisdictions where it is legal under state law.” Even President Obama hinted at a more flexible approach to prohibition, telling 20/20’s Barbara Walters that the federal government was unlikely to crack down on recreational users in states where pot is legal, adding, “We’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

Encouraged by the example of Colorado and Oregon, states across the country are debating the merits of treating marijuana less like crystal meth and more like Jim Beam. Here are the next seven states most likely to legalize it:

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  1. Anonymous on

    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous on

    Thank you!

  3. gutrod on

    Patience is the key. Lots of it. Once we get Marc Emery out of his American gulag the fight will be on. He and is wife Jodie will continue to fight for American rights as well as Canadians. In the meantime pot is still mainstream and readily available up here. Too bad Pennsylvania is still run by a bunch of cement heads. I’m sure there is no shortage of Hillbillies down there who are likely NRA supporters.

    Cheerz Bro

  4. gutrod on

    Anti cannabis prohibition is certainly an area where Canadians can find common ground with Americans. We stand united on the issue. The current Canadian government has adopted American style mandatory sentencing for cannabis offenders. While the USA is undergoing a facelift, we will eventually follow you down a greener road. Not under a Right Wing Conservative government though.

    We need a National Reeferendum to let the people be heard..

    Cheerz from the Great White North.

  5. Mark on

    “That’s why we’re rooooyyyaalll-ulll Canadian Kilted Yakmen!!”

  6. Anonymous on

    Murray is also an option. she was on P&P on the 3rd of dec saying that legalization is a must.

  7. Anonymous on

    lol come to the U.S. a canadian asshole is still nicer than most americans who are considered a nice guy lol and yes im an american =P

  8. Anonymous on

    The only only chance that marijuana gets decrim in Canada is if Little Justin is elected prime minister.Even so it might at best just be partially decrim but not legalized.
    Forget about assholes like Harper and Thomas Mulcair both reminding me my uneducated and morons greatgrandfathers.They will never do a thing to even slightly decrim marijuana.They belong in the museum of prohibition.

  9. Anonymous on

    I’m a Harrisburg bred boy and PA will be the last state to legalize marijuana. So damn conservative.

  10. Anonymous on

    I’m a Harrisburg bred boy and PA will be the last state to legalize marijuana. So damn conservative.

  11. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    It’ll be legal in Canada and Western Europe before it’s legal in Pennsylvania.

  12. Dr Greensleeves on

    Canada will have to catch on sooner or later. Although recent legislation certainly isn’t helping anyone’s cause in the Great White North. Still, I can’t believe I’m witnessing this in the US. I thought for sure I’d die before I Ever saw it legalized for anything other than medical use. The people of Colorado and Washington have opened the spillways. Soon they’ll be floodgates. A lot of it has to do with who’s in the White House again. If we’d elected Robot Romney you can bet your sweet arse he’d have killed any hope of this happening. It’s frightening to even think about. Thankfully, we’ve finally got people re-thinking this.

    Thank you CO and WA residents. Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you ! 🙂

  13. moldy on

    Move down here! We like Canadians even if you’re an asshole!

  14. Anonymous on

    Repeat after me:
    I am a Canadian asshole
    I am a Canadian asshole
    I am a Canadian asshole
    All together now:
    We are Canadian assholes
    We are Canadian assholes
    We are Canadian assholes.
    We will always be Canadian assholes.
    With the point of view of Rob Nicholson and Stephen Harper,marijuana legalization will occur in every US states before it is legalized in even one Canadian province.As usual we are the very last to get the crumbs…While American pot business is thriving,here all of those who dreamt making a career in pot business,you can go back to your comatose and vegetative state.

  15. Anonymous UK on

    Barbara Walters did not do a good interview because she failed to ask Obama about the state-legal manufacturers and retailers of marijuana that are soon to be set up (presumably it was very heavily scripted).

    Secondly I look forward to the day when alcohol is replaced by cannabis products in our society – it will truly be a new era for our civilisation. You are not just changing the law you are changing the world. Let’s work even harder in 2013 – well done everyone who is fighting for change.