BC Medical Marijuana Family, Ministry Disagree Over Inspection Costs

A mother threatened with having her children taken away because her husband has medical marijuana plants believes the Ministry of Child and Family Development has quietly offered her an olive branch by paying the cost of air testing in her home.

Angela Ferguson said Wednesday she spoke with the company that did the testing and was told she didn’t have to pay the $1,000 bill because the ministry had.

‘We’re still out $3,700 in expenses. So there is still no Christmas for my family’

But the ministry disagrees with that claim.

The dispute began on Nov. 28. Ferguson, whose husband Brad Olson is licensed to use medical marijuana to ease pain from degenerative spinal discs, was threatened by social workers who came to the family home with RCMP on a tip about an illegal grow-op.

RCMP were satisfied when they found out about Olson’s licence, but the social workers were not, she said. Olson juices the plants, he does not smoke them.

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  1. gutrod on

    The threat of losing your children over marijuana use both medicinal and recreational is a crime in itself. When children are displaced the child welfare workers are really rolling the dice with real lives. Playing God. Any mother or father that smokes a little pot is no more danger than one who drinks alcohol which is usually stored in the fridge or cupboard, yet they are threatened with losing their children if caught. The kids could very easily end up in the arms of a child abuser and many have over the years. It is time to right many wrongs.

  2. Anonymous on

    The police should have phoned Health Canada before even going there to see if that was a legal grow site. The fact that this happened to these people is completely criminal. They should sue the shit out of the Ministry.

  3. Anonymous on

    Wow in BC of all places. Funny they wouldnt even receive a phone call if he stuck with oxys.. ive run outa weed tons of times with no issue but have u been around someone who runs out of there oxys??? Night and day. This makes me sick. Oh and btw people that run legit grows for there personal meds just vent right outside since no worries. Mold in the walls comes from when you vent into the house so a room in a room to avoid smells. Nice to know that when my paycheck gets cut in half for taxes the money goes to trash like this. Please do your part and let the guv know you dont belive med users should now ve forced to pay a 2000% increase.. dropping the grow aspect to the people that have and need it is WRONG.



  4. 420Pug on

    The air quality because there are marijuana plants in the house.

    A) Do the social workers not realize plants clean the air?
    B) Is my hanging fern and sitting rubber plant in my living room illegal?

  5. Denis on

    Refer madness runs deep. Brainwashing from the government’s propaganda against pot is still clouding judgement.

  6. Anonymous UK on

    Total prejudice – what utter nonsense. If there is no evidence of neglect then there should be no need to act on prejudice alone! (I look after kids all the time – you can just tell they are responsible parents !) What about all the households where the parent drink alcohol – they have to all but kill the kids before social services get involved. We hear stories all the time of child neglect but I cannot recall one that involves marijuana and they would let you know if one existed. (believe me you would never hear the last of it !)