Longmont Woman Faces Eviction for Medical Marijuana

Ashley Weber, who was paralyzed 10 years ago in a drunk driving accident, depends on Section 8 disability money to live on her own.

Now, the Longmont Housing Authority is terminating her benefits because she included her medical marijuana expenses when she submitted her yearly renewal paperwork.

“It’s legal in Colorado now, and I didn’t even think twice,” Weber said.

She has been renting the home in Longmont with her son for roughly three years. She has remodeled the bathroom and sink to be wheelchair accessible.

A decade ago, she was the passenger when a drunk driver crashed the car she was riding in.

“It stopped my life. My life just had to re-start,” she said.

The pain is constant, she says. Medical marijuana, which she consumes in edible form, helps ease that pain.

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  1. cvwaller on

    It’s a pencil, for the notepad in his mom’s lap – ya think?

  2. Anonymous on

    It shows that the drug war is no longer aimed at the mexicans or african americans or even hippies protesting. Its a war on the people no? The war on drugs no longer discriminates the minorites, it goes after the people who are easy to trap. Now who are the ones being targetted, a single mother who is trying to get by from disability and finds relief in consuming cannabis so she can enjoy a pain free day. Its flat out a war on patients. A drug user is not a criminal, especially when it is used medically.

    Look at the irony, what got her in that situation was because of another person who was drunk behind the wheel. That is legal which has no medical use and fits in the level 1 substance category. Cannabis on the other hand has many medical uses and you never hear of someone doing crimes driven by it or accidents caused by it. I mean look at her! Shes beautiful. She doesn’t look like a burnt out smack head!

    I feel your pain, as medical patients we’re always having to justify to our family and surrounding. That alone can be extremely draining. Keep on truckin! Only you know it helps no one else. I can assure that no one will let this go thru.

    God bless and good luck. You are not walking alone into this, many of us will be watching closely.

  3. Anonymous on


    Could you not file suit claiming discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act? Medical marijuana is legal in CO., as is recreational now, so maybe you have some legal ground to stand on there. I’m not a lawyer or anything. Have you contacted an attorney?

    Loretta Nall

  4. Ashley Weber on

    Thank you for all of the comments, I am greatly appreciative of the voice of others reaching out for me! The best thing that you could do And everybody that you know is just help to spread the word Because I plan on being the voice of reason on this matter! Medical marijuana has been legal for 12 years And times change so it’s only right for the policies change along with it!
    With all the support I’ve been receiving great things could be done! Please continue to show your support in my fight!


  5. Ashley Weber on

    I thank you for the support And for reading on my behalf, For my son I am going to fight this all the way! I take incredibly great care of my son intend to do so for the future, If anybody would even think twice about me and my son not being together They would have an even bigger fight on their hands! I am not worried about that in the slightest, But what I am worried about is how these laws need to be looked at and changed.

    Nobody should have to worry about this. The federal government needs to take a hard look At how why this drug as a federal 1 offense. I hope you all continue to support me In the fight!!! Some of the things that you can do to help Is to just spread the word on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Or any social media out there <3

    Much thanks to you all,

  6. Ashley Weber on

    My son loves airplanes! And he had just thrown the airplane And his finger must have been pointed down but you are right it does look funny! 🙂

    I hope that made more sense to you now,
    Thank you for the supportand

  7. Anonymous on

    It’s. Sad don’t the world have enough homeless kid’s on the streets but yet our country sends millions of dollars to other country’s but can’t help our own. It’s a shame that little boy has to suffer and worry about were he is going to be safe and lay his little head down and sleep at night next cps will be trying to take her child. My mother inlaw suffered from cancer and if it was not for her medical marijuana we we wouldn’t have had her here as long as we did. What a shame.

  8. Anonymous on

    It’s his index finger.

  9. Anonymous on

    It looks like someone very badly photoshopped a cigarette into the picture, on the little boys hand. Look at the first picture carefully. Really odd.

  10. Anonymous UK on

    This is just absolute bigotry – where is the problem with this woman using cannabis as a medication rather than tablets manufactured by a pharmaceutical company ? It’s not like the house is a Cheech and Chong den of vice. That poor little boy is now suffering along with his mom for other people’s prejudice. I find it unbelievable that anyone who hears this story could support evicting this woman and her child. Certainly no one could call themselves a Christian and do that.
    I wish them all the best and please let us know how it turns out. I hope the local NORML or some one is helping them.