Marc Emery’s Response to Michael Coren of Sun Media

Marc Emery: Free The People Marc wrote this prison blog in response to an offensive, inaccurate attack column against Jodie, Marc and all marijuana legalization activists written by Michael Coren, a columnist and TV host for “Fox News North” Sun Media. Coren has had Jodie on his TV show three times, but the third appearance resulted in an online backlash against him, leading Coren to write this column.

Watch Jodie’s appearances on Coren’s Sun TV show; the third is the most recent one, which began the controversy:

1) November 2011

2) February 2012

3) December 2012

My Response To Michael Coren
By Marc Emery

The two greatest cultures on Earth that have done most to enhance the lives of people of the planet in the last 100 or so years are the Jewish culture and the cannabis culture, two historically demonized and persecuted peoples.

The Jewish culture is remarkable in that such a small relative population currently numbering no more than 30 million people worldwide (a little more than half a percent of the current 7 billion population) has not only endured murderous pogroms* in Europe for 500 years (1450-1950), but in the last century Jewish individuals were recognized with 105 Nobel prizes for achievements in science, economics, chemistry, physics. Consider that Islamic culture, of which there are over one billion people on Earth, or 14 percent of the world’s population, has won only 3 Nobel prizes in the same 110 years, and one of those went to Yasser Arafat.

(*Pogrom means an organized campaign by government to demonize and persecute an identified minority with a larger society. Originally a Russian word, it is now part of the English language. It is identified most closely with the persecution of Jews in Russia from 1820 to 1917.)

Jewish people have been prominent in all aspects of business, science (biology, disease control, vaccination, chemistry, physics, electricity, and many more sciences), aerospace, technology, industry, film, journalism, literature, theatre, and computers. The impact by Jewish people in human advancement is stunning by comparison with all other races, religions, or cultures – except one, the Cannabis Culture.

Although Shakespeare, the greatest writer in the English language, was a proven cannabis consumer, the staggering achievements of the cannabis culture are most noticed in the last 60 years, particularly in the fields of music, literature, film, theatre, science, art, technology, computers, architecture, astrophysics, and business.

The number of marijuana consumers on Earth currently number about 200 million, despite the arrest and incarceration of 30 million of the cannabis culture worldwide since 1961, when the first universal law of prohibition (The Single Convention Treaty on Narcotics) was signed into law by all member states of the United Nations. It is believed 60,000 people have been murdered or executed by the police and enforcers of prohibition worldwide for offenses that were exclusive cannabis related, since 1960.

In Canada, since 1967, over two million Canadians have been arrested for cannabis-related offenses of the law; over 300,000 of these individuals served time in jail. In the United States, since 1966, 26 million Americans have been arrested for cannabis related offenses, and over five million have spent time in jail after these arrests. In New York City today, 50,000 citizens are charged with marijuana offenses annually, and in Canada, over 10,000 are charged with marijuana possession offenses annually.

I myself am serving five years in a US federal prison for (ostensibly) selling cannabis seeds from my desk in Vancouver, despite never having left Canada while doing so, but the head of DEA said in the press release the day of my arrest that it was all about my political activity for legalization. In fact, our Freedom of Information Act request to get my file from DEA revealed that they had in fact tracked over $2 million dollars in my contributions to activist organizations and individuals operating in the United States, including ballot initiatives in Washington, DC (1998), Colorado (2000), Arizona (2000), Alaska (2000, 2002, 2004), class action lawsuits against the US government (1999), and over 200 other campaigns.

When I was arrested in 2004 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for passing one joint, and sentenced to three months in provincial prison (much to my surprise, as the police had seized no marijuana, having only a witness who said I passed a joint to a 22-year old person), I had my first incarcerated experience of the drug war and spent much time studying its pernicious underpinnings.

I read then a book I consider the greatest study undertaken to understand the drug war, and it greatly influenced me then, and still does to this day. I have never found a book more insightful as to the true nature of our enemies, the Prohibitionists, as I have in the book DRUG WARRIORS & THEIR PREY by Richard Lawrence Miller. There simply is no more important book about the drug war and why the cannabis culture, and by comparison in the book, the European Jewish culture, were both targeted for destruction and elimination by the dominant governments of the times, the cannabis culture by the American and Canadian governments from 1969 to the present, and the European Jewish culture by almost every central and eastern European government from 1900 to 1945.

It explains the four processes of culture annihilation that both The Marijuana People and The Jewish People faced (and face) in their respective culture.

These four processes, approved and codified in laws affecting every aspect of North American life today for the cannabis culture and every aspect of Jewish European life in the 1900 to 1945 period, are, in order:

1. Demonization
2. Ostracization
3. Segregation & Terrorization
4. Concentration

In the Demonization process, the government engages in propaganda to condemn the cannabis culture or Jewish culture as deviant, impure, corrupting to youth, foreign, unpatriotic, unhealthy. Conservatives in both the United States and Canada wage every campaign of the last 35 years as an attack of the cultural values of the 1960’s. Stephen Harper has launched his pogrom against the cannabis culture in Canada by specifically identifying the culture of the 1960’s, with its cannabis-inspired music, theatre, poetry, sexual freedom, anti-authority journalism, dissent, environmentalism, anti-war ethos.

(From Marc’s prison blog from 2009, “Stephen Harper and the End Of Days (of Canada As We Know It)“: Marijuana use represents everything Stephen Harper wants eliminated from acceptable Canadian society. Harper, when launching the National Anti-Drug Strategy on October 4, 2007, cited permissive values of the 1960’s when launching his latter-day crusade against the infidels: “A simple war on drugs is not going to be successful,” he said, “but neither is simply being soft on the question going to be successful. We are up against a culture that, since the 1960’s, has had at the minimum not discouraged drug use and often romanticized it, or made it cool. My son is listening to my Beatles records and asking me what all these lyrics mean. I love these records. I’m not putting them away. But we have to change the culture.”)

Governments in Europe in the 1930’s and governments in the periods 1970-present in North America used the schools to encourage children to turn in marijuana people, propagandizing all students with absurd, unscientific hate spiels. Governments buy ads on television, radio, newspapers, entirely with the cowed compliance of all media in both countries, to assert fictions designed to separate the cannabis culture from being regarded as first class citizens. Jews and the cannabis culture are asserted to be different from ‘regular’ citizens, not entitled to the constitutional protections that other citizens receive. Jewish culture and cannabis culture are in fact, peaceful and honest lifestyles harming no one, so the government needs to put a wedge between the dominant culture and those targeted for persecution. 

After the propaganda campaign comes the changes in laws that affect every aspect of life: the ostracization by law. Jews and the cannabis culture that do not hide their cultural affiliation cannot be teachers. They cannot be judges. They cannot be policemen. They cannot hold elected office. They cannot be bonded. They cannot get security clearance for sensitive government jobs. They can have their children taken from them for ‘re-education’. They cannot travel to neighboring countries. They get urine and blood tested before being considered for most jobs in industry or the federal government (European Jews were not required to submit to this), and if they are verified as part of the Jewish or cannabis culture, they are eliminated from consideration for employment. They can be refused public assistance in the form of welfare, food stamps, public housing, student loans, student grants, admission to universities and colleges.

In North America, neighbors, utility inspectors, fire inspectors, municipal zoning officers, postal delivery people, are all organized to inform to the authorities if anyone in the cannabis culture house is suspected of having cannabis plants in the home. The parents must advise the children never to discuss the use of cannabis or the existence of plants/Jewish rituals in the home with anyone else, or the state and its agents will seize the children, seize the home, and/or arrest the parents. The police are empowered to destroy or seize the home and the contents of the home. Notices can be posted outside the home on the front lawn, by police, that say, “drug house”/”Jews” and all neighbors encouraged to ostracize the cannabis culture/Jews living therein. Landlords are informed and certainly urged by authorities to evict the cannabis culture/Jewish family immediately. The media are advised, and the cannabis culture/Jews will have the police visit publicized. Employers will be encouraged by this media exposure to fire the cannabis culture person/Jews from their employ, lest the business be tainted by bad relations with the state and propagandized population.

The necessary corollaries for the propaganda and demonization campaign are severe laws punishing the practices of the cannabis culture through Prohibition. All aspects of the cannabis culture are prohibited, whether banning the implements of use of cannabis, or material to cultivate cannabis, or any aspect of its distribution. These prohibition laws manufacture millions of ‘criminals’ overnight; the laws of the state virtually manufacture crime where previously there was none – manufacturing criminals where previously there were none. ‘Crime’ organizations instantly exist to re-create the previously unhindered legal use and distribution. This has the necessary effect of creating violence within the cannabis culture, as what was previously of almost no financial value becomes an extraordinarily lucrative commodity. Demand remains constant while production is now entirely moved underground, the scope so vast as to permit the state to relentlessly increase the size and scope of its police repression with unquestioned and virtually unlimited annual increases in taxpayer revenues.

Once the full effect of laws are applied at the municipal level through safety inspections, utility inspections, at the state/provincial level through employment tests (urine, blood, social media, government contracts), Child Protection Agency inspections, and road-stop inspections, at the federal levels through pervasive legislation, government mandated blood and urine tests, then the state unleashes its full fury through militarized and violent assaults on the cannabis culture/Jewish culture. At this point, SWAT teams, fully militarized armed and masked agents of the state, routinely (meaning daily) smash into peaceful dwellings, immediately killing pet animals and threatening to kill everyone inside if they do not immediately submit to being laid on the ground, roughed up, handcuffed and led outside.

The modus operandi of the current terrorization of the cannabis culture by state agencies in Canada and the US is virtually identical to the European persecution of Jews. Police have full reign to wiretap, surveil, use any level of force, destroy as much property with impunity, have the residents evicted, seize the property by outright forfeiture, the children sent to re-education centers away from the custodial care of the parents. Then in order to re-occupy the home, the residents must submit to extortion by municipal electrical, safety, and housing inspectors, costing upwards of tens of thousands of dollars to meet compliance with rules specifically passed into law to harass and humiliate the cannabis culture family.

The popular media is then enjoined unquestioningly to trumpet the heroic efforts of the police who seek out and rid the community of “vermin” Jews/cannabis culture. The media never question the premise of this daily police violence; the federal government regulates television networks, and the private newspapers, always desperate for revenue, rely on a constant infusion of government advertising revenue.

Once the terrorization has been underway, the cannabis culture/Jews are arrested and placed in prisons, for increasingly longer sentences, under continually deteriorating or inhumane conditions of over-crowding, substandard food, violence by guards and other ‘criminals’. It happens with such daily frequency the ‘regular’ civilian population pays virtually no attention. Police have absolute power, government ministers are immune from any consequences of their systemic cultural destruction, and the cycle is now well on its way to the conclusion of the deliberate campaign by government, the elimination of the cannabis culture/Jewish culture entirely.

For what is the ultimate intended effect of the marijuana prohibition by the US and Canadian federal government? It can only be the total and utter destruction of the cannabis culture through demonization, ostracization, terror, and finally elimination. What was the ultimate goal of the many central and eastern governments in Europe in regards to the existence of Jewish culture? There are few or no Jews in Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Hungary, and Greece, where there were over six million before 1935.

The question before the North American cannabis culture for the last 45 years has always been “how far will you let the governments of Canada and the United States go before the 4-stage cycle of cultural annihilation is complete?”

The Jews of Europe and the Cannabis Culture of North America asked the same question during their brutal ordeals of arrest, imprisonment and worse: “Why do they hate us so?”

There is only one answer, and the answer is: The State likes the cruelty, the grotesque exploitation of power, and the immoral lust for dominance. Why else be a cop? Why else be a judge? Why else be a politician? Why else to use unlimited and unearned power over the lives of others to dispose of their peaceful and honest lives at whim?

“But why us? We have so much to offer!” cried the Jews and the cannabis culture. And the state replies, as they have not ever one rational basis for this mass abuse of the Jewish people and cannabis culture, “You must suffer precisely because you are so good and have given so much, and we are so unworthy of what you have contributed to our lives and so we spite you to put you in your place, you are and always will be subservient to us, if we even let you live!”


As an activist for the end of the prohibition of cannabis and the end to the pogrom by the governments of Canada and the United States toward the cannabis culture, I was arrested 28 times from 1996 to 2010, all for cannabis-related offenses.

I was arrested when a police SWAT team of the Victoria, British Columbia police raided my home with my then-partner and her child at 4:00am one early morning in January 2003, ostensibly looking for plants. There were no plants, and the police grounds for a warrant were completely fraudulent and invented. I was arrested six times and jailed on my Summer of Legalization Tour in 2003 when I was legally (according to Canadian law at the time) smoking a bong in front of the Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina, St. John’s and Moncton police depts. (Charges were all dropped, as I was right that the law didn’t exist then.) I was arrested when police SWAT teams raided the offices of Cannabis Culture Magazine, and my HEMP BC store, in January 1996, December 1997, April 1998, and September 1998. I was arrested and jailed for 68 days for passing one joint in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan after speaking at the university of Saskatchewan in March 2004. I was arrested and cuffed by the highway for having four grams in my possession in July 2003. I was arrested on July 29, 2005 by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the behest of the US DEA and with the complete collaboration of the Canadian federal government, and sentenced to five years in a plea deal instead of getting thirty years to life and dying behind bars.

So I know about the abuse of power at the pernicious whim of authorities.

Every Justice Minister/Attorney-General of Canada since Pierre Elliot Trudeau was Justice Minister in 1967 is a party to this pogrom so severe as to be unforgivable and its immorality inerasable from the historical record. The same is true for Attorneys-General of the United States. The Presidents and Prime Ministers of both countries who permitted such a brutality against millions of citizens to occur on their watch are fully guilty of a crime against humanity and all still alive should be brought to trial and prosecuted.

This includes Justice Ministers of Canada Kim Campbell (Mulroney government), John Turner (Trudeau government), Jean Chretien (Trudeau government), Rob Nicholson (current Conservative government), and Irwin Cotler (Paul Martin’s government) and all others who served as Justice Minister and permitted this prohibition abomination to persist.

Irwin Cotler was Justice Minister when one of his minions in the court of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan sentenced me to three months in prison for passing a joint in March 2004.

When anyone from the cannabis culture reaches elected office, the responsibility on that person, having once been part of a persecuted minority, is much greater than that of any ordinary person. The elected person from the cannabis culture retains intimate knowledge and experience as to how insidious and abusive the arbitrary authority of government can be. So when someone from our culture reaches elected office, the betrayal is far more egregious if that person becomes a prohibitionist drug warrior. It is unforgivable and the greatest treason to decent human values as well as a complete negation of morality. That person is more evil because they know better, but for power and lust of domination, they betray us and become our worst enemy. In this class we can include many politicians, but certainly President Barack Obama.

So too is the responsibility for any Jewish person who achieves power in government, particularly a Justice Minister or Attorney-General. When a Jewish person turns his back on his collective history of persecution and becomes the channel for mass persecution of those exercising peaceful and honest lifestyle choices, he becomes a cipher for pure evil.

In this regard, you have to ask yourself, as I did in September 2004 while serving a three-month prison sentence in a Prairie gulag a thousand miles from home, what do you call a Jewish human rights activist who, as Justice Minister, betrays the principles of decent humanity for arbitrary punishment and power? Do you call him a Nazi Jew or a Jewish Nazi? To me, there is no doubt about his capability and capacity for evil as a government agent; the only question is the appropriate terminology to describe his perfidious deal with evil. And so I wrote that in my prison blog while serving that incarceration in September 2004. My diary thoughts on what was the appropriate description to refer to Irwin Cotler were never printed anywhere, and in fact, you can’t find my original daily diary notes of that incarceration anywhere – which is quite unfortunate, because my writings from August 20 to October 19, 2004, the period of incarceration (I served seven days in March 2004 awaiting bail) produced some of the best work I have ever done.

Ten months later, the Liberal Justice Minister Cotler, in collaboration with Republican President George W. Bush’s Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales, signed on to the extradition request of the United States seeking to imprison me in the US for my political activities.

In May of 2010, Conservative Justice Minister Rob Nicholson handed me over to Democratic President Barack Obama’s Attorney-General Eric Holder’s US federal justice system to be incarcerated for a five-year sentence, despite never having gone to the United States.

Michael Coren’s column in the Toronto Sun ridiculed and insulted me, my wife Jodie, and the rest of the legalization movement. It’s such a pity that a man who prospers free from persecution can so easily cast away the collective past history of our people. In 1983, I wrote a biography of a woman from my hometown of London, Ontario – Fanny Goose – who escaped the Holocaust in Europe, seeing every member of her huge family murdered. It’s a compelling and riveting story, a triumph of her spirit during a staggering, horrific ordeal. The lesson of the holocaust is ‘Never again’. Not for anyone, anywhere, of any peaceful and honest lifestyle, to suffer the arbitrary cruelty of immoral government power. Not for race, not for religion, not for the plants you grow in your home, or backyard. Not for your beliefs or peaceful lifestyle. No way, no how, not ever again.

Cannabis Prohibition has been abusive to well over 30 million North Americans (and I do not, for lack of statistics, include Mexico or Central America here, but more’s the tragedy, one can be certain) in the last 50 years, and Michael Coren thinks it is no more than a parallel “to the right to masturbate”.

He’s wrong. Never Again. Not now, not ever, no way, no how, can he make prohibition and its persecution in any way legitimate. He’s a disgrace to his journalistic profession, as a Canadian. Michael Coren is an apologist for the powerful and cruel. He spits on the persecution and injustice meted out to myself, and my people. For that, he is loathsome. He should know better.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    Nobel prizes are awarded in Sweden. Wow! I’m amazed you can even write…

  2. Anonymous on

    thanks for the laugh – you’re probably laughing too as you wrote that….

    Jewish freedom fighters for selling weed at double the cost?

    Fuck you liar!

  3. Anonymous on

    the truth is that Marc is a Zionist activist- FIRST.

    The TCC is a cash-cow of an illegal product – challenged by Zionist lawyers who saw an opportunity to maintain funding so Zionists can buy off your government. YES. The TCC is a Zionist JEwish operation – with Israel under a much deserved boycott, Zionists need to have lots of money to bribe, blackmail and corrupt your goverment officials.

    They go on about how ‘liberal’ they are and how they are doing this for the ‘people’- all lies.

    The are doing this for money.

    They are simply Jewish drug dealers who, thanks to the many connections the highly cohesive Zionist commmunity enjoys, have used corruption to be able to sell something that if you were to try and sell -would go to jail for.

    If you care about Canada – don’t buy Zionst Jewish weed. These people are at war with us – for Israel…

    PS Nice Zionist propaganda there Marc Emory – what a load of rubbish..

  4. Anonymous on

    Marc goes completely off side by comparing Jewish people with cannabis users. And what relevance does comparing Jewish people with Muslims? Also there have been 10 Nobel prize winning Muslims, but if you think about it the people over in Switzerland gave one to Obama for being black and one to the EU for absolutely nothing when the revolutionaries in the Arab spring definitely deserved it…

    Also he completely disregards the fact that we wouldn’t have cars, technology, sanitation and an endless list of things if it wasn’t for Muslim scientist and scholars during the European dark ages.

    This article is the dumbest thing I have ever read. He has no integrity, and is evidently uneducated.

  5. Anonymous on

    Go do some real reading before you try to sound like an expert. Cannabinoids, you will learn, are not exogenous, and we actually need them.

    “all compulsive drug-seeking”

    You sound like a televangelist, not a scientist.

  6. Anonymous on

    you make a contentious statement as the start of your post which i for one do not accept without more proof and then base the rest of your post around it as if it were etched in stone.
    did you go to the rumsfeld school of logic perchance?

  7. Anonymous on

    I think that marc is a very great humanitarian who wishes to see the best come to his community through an ethos of harm reduction and providing what is in essence genetic material to the greater common good. It is telling that in the heart of the beast that he has taught himself music, in addition to his other obvious talents. His work with Ibogaine therapy was also telling and the almost witch trial like aura of his prosecution being deported (shame, shame canada) when in Canakuistani only a ticket or a small fine would have sufficed – it is injustice writ large, through and through in a culture and climate that has otherwise in small corners chosen to decriminalize. There is still much fortitude, perhaps its energy restored and renewed, that gives itself over to the preservation in the public eye of the injustices perpetuated daily, by the powers that be, as always.

  8. Anonymous on

    Glad to see a libertarian like yourself, Marc, coming around to see the danger that ‘Faux News North’ poses to Canada. Hope you’re well and can’t wait till they let you come home. Solidarity
    Clayton O’Bear
    [email protected]

  9. Anonymous on

    The primary commonality between the War Against Jews and the War Against Cannabis is that both wars are WARS AGAINST FREEDOM OF THOUGHT. The U.S. government and its agents abroad, just like the Nazis in WWII began with a War Against Freedom of Thought, a War Against the Right to be free to choose as to how one thinks…..A War Against Freedom of Thought.

    You can read my comment above also! Marc is truly a freedom fighter, Marc is fighting for FREEDOM OF THOUGHT.

    Marc’s comparison is correct for a number of reasons Jodie.


  10. Anonymous on

    The primary commonality between the War Against Jews and the War Against Cannabis is that both wars are WARS AGAINST FREEDOM OF THOUGHT.

    When the U.S. government, or any other government tells you that you are going to be surveilled, frisked, searched, imprisoned, your property stolen from you by agents of secret masked police, and you are then thrown into prison and you ask WHY? Whether you are arrested for being Jewish, or arrested for being a believer in cannabis, either way you are being persecuted and surveilled and prosecuted ONLY because some fascist does not approve of the fact that you like to think about whatever you want to think about…..YOU WANT FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, YOU WANT CONTROL OVER YOUR OWN BRAIN INSTEAD OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT PUTTING THOUGHTS INTO YOUR HEAD, YOU WANT TO CONTROL YOUR OWN HEADSPACE. Right?.

    IT IS BECAUSE THE NAZIS OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT (including the hypnotically programmed double agents abroad) DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO HAVE FREEDOM OF THOUGHT that Obama has many anti-semitic policies, and anti-pot policies, and the European ‘Christians’ who are anti-pot are trying to create prohibitions on kosher food and halal food. (It never occurred to those ‘Christians’ that their Lord Jesus was actually a kosher, circumcised Jewish libertarian, perhaps even the first libertarian Zionist…and Jesus born of Miriam almost definitely as a laborer had used pot or hash as did everybody else in ancient cultures?)

    U.S. agents have called me the word ‘kike’ on more than one occasion….

    Agents were caught at saying things like ‘coffeeshops only work in Amsterdam because the Dutch are culturally homogenous, they’re all white, but the n-ggers and Jews and spics in America lack the self-control to be responsible if pot were to be legally available”

    Nazis of the U.S. government still refuse to give financial reparations to the U.S. veterans experimented on by Nixon’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics at the Edgewood arsenal (and experimented on/implanted elsewhere)… Even though MRIs and CT scans have already proven to a judge in the Edgewood case that the U.S. government illegally implanted septal electrodes and did other weird MKUltra type of non-consensual human experimentation to many unwitting human test subjects….THE U.S. AGENTS ARE TRYING TO ROB PEOPLE OF FREEDOM OF THOUGHT.

    My friend Ronennachman;770 a HASIDIC JEW on youtube called for legalization and a complete end to all warrantless surveillance programs and end to the Palestinian Authority/Hamas, then U.S. agents including Arab-Israeli State Department agents (who worked for Pfau and Baker’s remnants in SDI) surveilled and tortured Ronen until the Arab anti-semites of the U.S. government made Ronen shave off his beard and kill himself.

    The Nazis in the U.S. government surveillance groups are all serial lying rapists of Columbian legal prostitutes, while the fascist ‘Christians’ try to prevent legalization of prostitution in Canada and elsewhere (JESUS WHO WAS JEWISH STRONGLY PROTECTED WOMEN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN SEXUAL PARTNERS).yet the U.S. government allows for elderly fascist elitists of Yale and James Baker to control the world through massive warrantless surveillance and a covert and overt WAR AGAINST FREEDOM OF THOUGHT for all of these decades.

    Blacks, hispanics AND JEWS are unfairly, disproportionately targeted by the lying Nazi agents of the U.S. government (the U.S. government targeted Ed Rosenthal for example)….because the U.S. government agents are like the Borg of Star Trek, they want everybody to assimilate into the U.S. agents’ totalitarian way of thinking. The U.S. agents want the world to be a gigantic warrantless surveillance grid at the expense of everybody else’s liberties and thereby creating a crushing massive debt.

    Keep your chin up Marc, be strong, you are a hero for everybody who is informed and compassionate!


    P.S. Never again should agents be taking away an adult’s freedom to choose how he/she thinks! Freedom of thought is the primary freedom without which there are no other freedoms.

  11. Anonymous on

    After watching these interviews with Jodie and Michael Coren I came to the conclusion that he needs some education on the realities of prohibition. His stance is based on government propaganda. Example:
    1. Young people become lazy when they smoke pot and lose ambition. (unfounded)
    2. People who smoke pot are involved in other criminal activities. (unfounded)
    3. Marijuana is more harmful to your lungs than tobacco and causes damage to other organs. (unfounded)
    He obviously hasn’t used his any of his journalistic abilities interviewing any of the millions of cannabis users in Canada who come from all walks of life, most being productive citizens and family oriented. There are thousands if not millions of success stories involving many of the very people that the propaganda states they will become lazy losers. There is no basis to the conservative theory. As far as the medical issues, a person do as much and more harm to their bodies with alcohol, when abused will severely damage the liver. Food as well when, if abused can slowly kill you by means of heart attack and the results of obesity. Their argument falls far short, when you look at the statistics for short term or long term deaths as a direct result of smoking marijuana. I’m not aware of even one on record and they would have a very hard time documenting one.
    When Michael Coren and Stephen Harper sit down to listen to one of their classic albums that were recorded by musical geniuses they should be aware that most were likely penned or recorded by artists under the influence of cannabis. That includes Rock, Blues, Jazz and Country. It is no coincidence that m.j. inspired many of these artists artistic abilities and on to become legends.
    Current mainstream media accept celebrities drug use but won’t accept why the average person on the street would want to use marijuana while the only legal alternative to take the edge off is alcohol, which can make a person violently ill if not kill. Friggin hypocrites totally out of touch with the daily lives of the average Canadian. They forget that this is the 21st century and not the cold war atmosphere when the laws were introduced. All those so called long haired dingaling hippy pot smokers from the 60’s and 70’s have made impacts in the world we now live in. Even country musicians have adopted the look and lifestyle of that era. It wasn’t that long ago that they were regarded as redneck grease balls. I’m wondering how a former pot smoker could become the president of the so called freest nation on earth. How does our governments explain that. LoL.

  12. Anonymous on

    The common belief is that parents who smoke or grow pot all give marijuana to young kids or teenagers. I’m sure there are some but a very small minority and those ones are usually under the influence of other drugs including alcohol. The hypocrisy is that is totally acceptable for a parent to introduce his teenage kids to alcohol. My own father a military man gave me 1st beer at 12 an I admit that I was an alcoholic by the time I was 18. I started smoking pot at 15 which was purely innocent experimentation. Once my father found out I was Demonized, Ostracized Segregated and Terrorized, not to mention blamed for my family dysfunction which was largely a result of alcohol abuse and the controlling violence associated with it. I am convinced that his military training and control techniques were applied to me. The choices I had in all aspects of my life were never more than 2 and that included my education where my courses and future were decided by my father. As most teenagers do, I rebelled and was grounded, forced to do 2 hours of homework every night while my friends played outside. At 16 I started skipping school which I hated. When my father found out he gave me a severe beating with his fists and boots. My mother screamed: Stop you are going to kill him. At that point he let me up and I went into the washroom. When I looked in the mirror I was shocked, black and blue and vowed at that point that no one would ever humiliate me again without a fight to the death. In the morning he delivered me to the Principle at my high school and gave an order to keep the little bastard in school, then stomped off and drove away. The look on the principle’s face was of shock and was speechless. I looked at him him, said ‘have a nice life’ and walked out.
    Homeless by choice at 16 living on the streets of Smith Falls in the middle of winter. At that time I couldn’t even go to the police for help as it was open season on kids. When I got into trouble with the law my parents arranged for me to move to Brampton to live with their friend an old English teacher of mine who was gay and who turned out to be a pedophile. He spiked my beer one night when he had a party going on and molested me in the middle of the night. I woke up in the middle of it, shocked and he was very lucky I didn’t unleash my rage on him right there. I jumped up got dressed and only returned to collect my belongings. That was my fathers way of fixing the little bastard that didn’t obey his every command. Eventually I confronted my father. I was around 18 and carried a lot of anger. He backed down as most cowardly bullies do when confronted by their victims.
    As a result, I drank the liquid dope, experimented with LSD and got into many bar fights where I could unleash my anger on many punks who made the mistake of picking a fight with me. I went back to school and have been working successfully in Engineering for over 30 years. I still have a couple of beers and smoke a little pot while I play my guitar on weekends. I find it to be very good therapy and harmless stuff. The anger is long gone but is still buried back there. The only thing that really angers me now is cannabis prohibition laws created by gov’t propaganda based on pure B.S. I’ve paid my dues and will not be told what I cannot consume by any law or government who are employed by people like me, pot smoking taxpayers who continue to be persecuted by bullies who force their ideology on us. I can’t wait for Marc to be released from his American gulag. We need great leaders in this country to fight for our human rights which are being severely abused by the current regime. It will be a hard fought battle to rid ourselves of the injustice of prohibition and the dirty war on drugs. People it is now time to stand up and be counted. Follow the states of Washington and Colorado down the high road of real Democracy where the people get the opportunity to vote on important matters that affect the working man.

  13. Anonymous on

    Being both Jewish and a cannabis consumer, what I say to the drug warriors is this:

    When you declare war on drugs, you declare war on ME.

    Well, when you declare war on someone — ANYONE, be neither surprised nor offended when you find that the opponent upon whom YOU’VE declare this war… FIGHTS BACK.

    I sincerely believe that as a decent and right-thinking Canadian patriot that it is my CIVIC DUTY to protest, resist, defy and obstruct the excesses of bad government every day and every lawful way that I can.

    Never Again!

  14. Anonymous on

    First, I think you’re being a little extreme on Michael Coren. He makes his living fondling the news and current issues embraced by the msm. Practised, polished, in some respects insincere. He did make one very valid point when he said that he doesn`t smoke pot because he chooses to do other things with his mind and that it is wrong to offer it to children as some sort of cool alternative to working at learning. Most people realized that Jodie won the debate by keeping her cool where lots of people would have been angered by the whole facade. She refused to get sucked in. That doesn`t make her right and we`ll never know because the interviewer was more interested in his own opinion than doing the interview.

    Second, I’m not keen on pot myself and even less keen on those who would get it legalized by appealing to the government’s need for even more tax dollars from our pocket. You want more money in the kitty? Stop financing banks and other huge corporations which were designed to be as unaccountable to the public as possible for one reason. Private profit at any ‘acceptable’ social cost.

    Third, legalizing pot is never going to be the end of the drug wars as much more money is made on cocaine and the other hard drugs, but it is a step in the right direction.
    The only true thing all the pot lovers say is their point that you can’t stop it – some people love pot and they should have a legal right to smoke it. It is far less harmful *to some* than booze, cigarettes and the current crop psychological diseases embraced, propagated and exploited by commercial pharmas on the flimsiest of evidence to the tune of millions of ruined lives. And billions in pure profit. Ron Hubbard made millions on Scientology without resorting to addicting ordinary gullible people to really destructive pharmaceuticals and some of his stuff actually works. Just don`t get sucked into the quasi-religious metaphysical bs and start giving out your money like you didn`t have to go out and earn it every day. Or you might end up a pot smoking Scientologist who has hallucinations of getting down on all fours and grazing on the status quo for the benefit of the unenlightened. Don`t worry, the pharmas will find a name for your disease and a way to profit from it. One pill makes you bigger, the next one makes you small dear.

    You think if pot is legalized and taxed everything will be beautiful? Peace and love? Nah, you will just get a bigger breed of pusher. There are two schools of thought here: 1. It is illegal and since it is getting almost impossible to compete with huge corporations in many other legal businesses which used to offer ordinary people a chance to get ahead, it is okay to grow it and sell it. 2. Once it is legalized the whole market will become a huge magnet to the biggest corporations on earth and they will do everything in their power to cut out the little guy – as has happened with every other profitable commodity and service on Earth. Do you really want to put that kind of potential in the hands of a failed government paradigm? Better to leave it free and untaxed, might even set an example on how to defeat companies like Monsanto. 3. Do you really think that if the government in its current corrupt evolutionary form gets its hands on the kind of money we are talking about they will give little people even a piece of that pie? No.

    So, in a nutshell, let’s let the people who like pot grow their own at home and enjoy it with similar minded people. It should be cheap as dirt. Let them go to venues where pot is advertised and appreciated. Let’s set a minimum age like 21 to give young people a chance to develop their natural minds without the need to get blitzed stupid. And let’s let those of us who couldn`t care less about it live in peace without it. Much like things are today but without the insanely violent profit motive.

    Otherwise, you’re going to see governments become the biggest pushers of pot just like they are the biggest pushers of alcohol and tobacco.

    One other point: legalize pot and the gangsters who are making a killing on it will just move into other more profitable arenas, it is the nature of the beast. Maybe people who like to get high will say what the heck, this pot is really strong and gets me where I want to go so why should I spend megabucks on other drugs which are produced by sociopaths (including most pharmas) which could really do me way more harm. The real problem with drugs is how politisized they have become. Organized crime and the insane profits drugs produce have reached right to the top of the world. A little thing like children hardly matters anymore.

    Unless they are massacred by a child or teenage murderer who is stoned out of reality on psychotropics. If I`m not boring you let me suggest that the answer to that is to issue guns to teachers and train them in their use. Let`s just look at that wee incident where the crazy gunman went into a movie theater right after the mass slaying in Connecticut, firing rounds in every direction and by the grace of God no one was killed. Why, because there was a police officer there who chased him into the washroom and put four rounds into him. It was a woman police office and i believe the rational was – if they are going to kill people we mean business. There have been other instances where armed and responsible people have prevented massacres. Look it up. You don`t need gun free zones in schools, you need the teachers and the responsible people there to have better guns and better training. Some of those teachers in Connecticut died with their hands empty trying to save those children. Pretty fair definition of a hero wouldn`t you say.

  15. Anonymous on

    Once you entered the legal proof in your last paragraph, there is NO Doubt in My mind You are Correct !!!
    WoW,….you covered a lot of ground to lead into it. Fascinating bit of literature in it’s own right.
    What really struck home was the parts about all the great people of the past, and the jump to what is more in ‘The Now’.
    Personally, i have written my best legal arguments and responses when I am nicely baked. It’s late at night, and my mind is free creatively….so i get a thought and start typing. I am a Rental Tenancy Advocate in Penticton, B.C. and have a sweet 16 Win…..with….no Losses Record. Quite like this rather long diatribe, as I am baked and have a had a few drinks. I am not using any grammar helper, and I feel I am doing okay. This is a bit of a continuance of how people that are high can function on very high levels at creativity in one form or another. We all know that creativity covers almost everything, so it is true. Letting the right hemisphere of the brain to be free and feed the left left side,…..and out comes the good ‘stuff’. To Me it is like a chess game as an Advocate…..and I am good at chess. I am able to ‘see’ a few moves ahead when I am high. It works for everything. Leaping subjects,…..Although I do at times find personal issues with something I read regarding, Sir Marc,…I understand we all have a common cause. Marc is a Wizard with words and I suggest almost always has been. Nobody can do what he has done in his life so fucking well, any better than he has. His cause is just and his work shall live on forever. P.S. Jodi is a Jedi …..
    – D.K.S.

  16. Anonymous on

    Michael Coren’s Response: You have to read this! I actually laughed out loud. Best evidence for cannabis causing insanity & stupidity I’ve seen.

    @dietahoe @michaelcoren marc emery is a well paid double-agent at this point to gather intelligence,protect his family! hi mr.coren

    @michaelcoren @dietahoe sorry, meant to say they’re so dumb and cult-like you could be right.

  17. Anonymous on

    The simple fact that Mr. Emery has been arrested, (illegally)transferred to a foreign country and centenced to prison merely for his persistent cannabis activism, is a disgrace to international law and his God given rights as a human being. Obviously, for the U.S. Federal gov’t, its much easier to prosecute a harmless cannabis activist, than to take down a ruthless, well organised/armed/financed Mexican cartel (take your pick…), currently representing a lot more of a clear and present danger towards their national security. Mr Emery should be released from prison and allowed to return to Canada asap, rather today than tomorrow…

    Med. cannabis patiënt, Belgium

  18. Jodie on

    There are people who are born and raised Jewish, but don’t practice a Jewish lifestyle or immerse themselves in Jewish culture. There are gay people who live an outgoing, open, proud “Pride” activist lifestyles (gay bars, gay cruises, gay film fests, etc.) and there are some who don’t. Being openly Jewish was a danger. Being openly gay was/sometimes still is a danger. Being openly proud and loud and involved with cannabis and a cannabis culture lifestyle is something risky, because doing so means you can lose your job, lose your home, lose your student loan, lose your right to travel, lose your children, lose your freedom, possibly lose your life (sick people deprived of medicine, arrested or imprisoned people harmed by police or prisons)… The threats to those groups – Jews, gays, cannabis enthusiasts and other persecuted groups (“witches” long ago, religious groups of all kinds, Tibetans, Falun Gong practitioners, intellectuals in Cambodia and Chile, etc.) – come from daring to live and express cultural identity, openly living a chosen lifestyle, a peaceful honest personal choice. To be punished for that is always wrong, no matter what group of people you’re talking about. That’s Marc’s point.

    No one should have to fear punishment and persecution for living an open lifestyle or cultural identity of any kind, period. There is a cannabis culture. It’s real. It’s people who openly practice a lifestyle and identify with others who do the same. People who include themselves in a cannabis lifestyle have cannabis art, movies, music, literature, magazines, radio shows, theatre, festivals, rallies, industry, business, religions, traditions, figureheads (Bob Marley, Jack Herer, etc), political groups, activists, history, food, clothing, symbolism, and so much more that is clearly of and for the cannabis culture. But if you want to be part of that lifestyle, that cultural identity, you face persecution, ostracization, punishment, loss of life, loss of freedom, loss of property, and so much more harm. That’s unjust, no matter what kind of personal lifestyle choice we’re talking about.

  19. Anonymous on

    Nutrition is the “reason” for “drug-seeking” behavior? Nutrition is surely in the 16th Century, if not the 14th Century, if you can buy into that self-serving lunacy!! We’ve come a long way from ginko biloba, haven’t we?! LOL!! ROFLMAO!!

  20. Anonymous on

    The value of an anonymous detractor is nil.

  21. Anonymous on

    One of the interesting things about cannabis use, is that it makes you more aware of the world around you. I have come to recognize that we are all expressions of energy. This vibration… this flow… this motion… insinuates itself into all living matter. It extends outward and inward… It draws us together, to be connected yet independent. I find that interesting: Corporatism (that thinly disguised medieval society, where soulless corporations take the places of kings) stipulates that human beings are interchangeable, exchangeable, and disposable. I have never seen a culture as cognizant of consciousness and conscience, as Cannabis culture. Hence, members of the culture see the world differently. I don’t think of human beings as the teeth of gears, or the slaves to greatness. I see them as individual shards of knowing. A human being learns precisely — to the fact — as much as it wants to. At some point, all ignorance is willful. Now, I think Stephen Harper is a repulsive power WHORE. Yet I don’t hate him as much as he hates me. I have never put in motion plans to make his culture ILLEGAL, with ever-more draconian punishments… Mandatory minimums, automatic extradition… even assault and battery… even MURDER… precisely because I am not as willfully ignorant as he is. I already know, as everybody who cares to learn knows, that punishment is not persuasive. If you have to punish an entire culture, you have lost that culture, entirely. And, is genocide ever warranted or ethical?

    With regard to diet: The reason humans eat anything AT all is for nourishment — experiencing a deficiency, and taking steps to redress the balance. If it is so, that the government has no place inside the bedrooms of the nation… Then it is WHOLE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE MORE SO, that the government has no place inside the BODIES of the people in those bedrooms! A government’s role in Democracy, is ONLY to mediate intersections… where smokers can smoke, how much alcohol a person can consume, and drive. When the government gets into the field of protecting citizens from themselves… that fatherly attention is fascism.

  22. Anonymous on

    BTW, I am Dean Becker, producer of 9 radio programs per week for the Drug Truth Network, based at Houston’s Pacifica outlet KPFT. Marc teaches us all that courage and conviction of thought is imperative so I did not want to be “anonymous”.

  23. Anonymous on

    Great synopsis Marc.

    I am one of those who managed to keep a roof over my head thanks to Marc’s generosity and was therefore able to grow my radio network from one station to more than 90 broadcast affiliates in the US and Canada.

    US or Canadian, there is not one person in a position of authority willing to defend the policy of drug war on my radio shows, I have tried hundreds of times to make this happen to absolutely no avail.

    Anybody who believes in drug war does not believe in public safety.

  24. Anonymous on

    Only those unenlightened,dark,condemning souls totally absent of understanding or possessing the true love and understanding of Gods’ love, could possibly condone this unholy persecution of his children. To declare war on your own is TREASON and those responsible for this unjust cultural genocide should be subject to be striped of everything, just like they are doing to others. Then maybe some light may penetrate into the dark recesses of their condemning souls. To all of you who participate in this unjust war I say you are wrong,and God may forgive but mankind might not. Who turned PEACE AND LOVE into war anyway?
    William Conde
    Cannabis Activist
    Living in Belize
    After losing everything to the war mongers in the good ole USA

  25. Anonymous on

    “…being in chronic pain is not a “culture”, and the use of a drug to treat chronic pain (pain can be caused by all sorts of things, such as social rejection, etc. according to recent neuroimaging studies) is not anything like being Jewish, which is the issue here.”

    “5.the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: the youth culture; the drug culture.”

    You don’t have to be sick to enjoy cannabis as a medicine. It is also preventive medicine to deal with stress, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, lack of sleep/motivation/focus – similar to the way coca leaves are used by the Kogi Indians of Columbia to deal with the high altitudes of where they live. It’s also a performance-enhancer, as is proven in the following two articles:

    Time slowdown
    Cannabis can slow the perception of time, enhancing the performance of musicians, athletes and scientists.

    “Then there’s that cannabis high. Truth be told, the economic and social desires to understand and obtain this high was a major impetus for the creation of Cannabis Culture Magazine. To a certain extent, it is the insights gathered during these moments of highness that have most deeply effected human culture. As psychonaut/poet Allen Ginsberg put it; “the vast majority all over the world … adjust to the strangely familiar sensation of time slowdown, and explore this new space through natural curiosity, report that it’s a useful area of mind-consciousness to be familiar with”. [10] Without attempting to list everything, what are some of the results of the insights found during the “time-slow cannabis high” [11] on human mental and cultural evolution?
    On the less controversial side of things: pot-smoking piano players in the whorehouses of Storyville in New Orleans brought the world Jazz music. [12] Most, if not all of, the decent rock and reggae music after 1965 was composed while the artists were high – and probably over half of the best rap music. [13] The best comedy of the last twenty or thirty years? Potheads. [14] The personal computer and much of the decent software in this world? Potheads. [15] The best writers and poets? Potheads. [16] And I think it’s safe to say a very large percentage of professional athletes – especially NBA and Snowboarding athletes – had their professional performances enhanced when high – or by what they had learned while high. [17]
    But let’s also speak more controversially: there is strong evidence Shakespeare [18] and Jesus [19] were also really, really high. The evidence for Jesus was that the holy “Christ/Messiah” anointing oil that was used during his baptism and for the healing miracles and duties of him and his apostles. The evidence for Shakespeare was that his pipes were full of cannabis resins. In fact, its fair to say that cannabis has had a profound effect on the minds of those behind many religions [20] and much of modern theater – which now also embraces Hollywood. [21] Say what you want about the benefits and drawbacks of religion and Hollywood, but you have to admit that the insight-filled “time-slow cannabis high” has been part of the process of human cultural evolution. Religion has brought us the Golden Rule. Hollywood brought us “They Live”, “Brazil”, and “Blade Runner”. Ultimately, humans have benefited from both relationships.” “”

    Finally, with regards to Jews and cannabis users, both are scapegoats. Both are not inherently harmful to others. These two facts alone justify the comparison. If you look at the United Nation’s definition of Genocide, it states: “genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group,” … and if you look at the legal definition of “nation”, it is: “An independent body politic. A society of men united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safety and advantage by the joint efforts of their combined strength.” – Boviers Law Dictionary, 3rd Edition, 1984 “People distinct from other people, USUALLY because of language or government.” – Pocket Dictionary of Canadian Law, 2nd Edition, 1995 … I think cannabis users qualify for protection from genocide using either definition. I also feel we should be able to compare ourselves to other scapegoats in history. You might not feel that way, but I challenge you to come up with a rational argument to support that feeling. So far I haven’t heard anything remotely rational from you.

  26. Anonymous on

    As a society we make all sorts of group-decisions concerning possession of substances: you’re not allowed to build a nuclear pile in your backyard; you’re not allowed to set up a radio transmitter over a certain power; you’re not allowed to drive with more than XYZ amount of alcohol in your blood.

    Personally, I am for medicalization with a government monopoly so that we don’t get dropouts making money for nothing. But then it’s not a “culture”, unless being sick/disabled is a “culture.” Again, being sick/disabled isn’t anything like being Jewish.

    Animal products figure heavily in any healthy diet—I know lots of vegetarians who suffer from self-inflicted malnutrition/anxiety which they self-medicate with cannabis, rather than cluing into the fact that animal products make a body healthy and strong—just ask the Inuit. You could take an Inuit person and put him or her anywhere, eating his traditional diet and he’d do fine. You think your average vegetarian would do very well up north eating twigs and berries? I don’t.

    “Your writing “dried out” reveals that you have prejudged cannabis consumption to be an addiction similar to heroin addiction.”

    If you mean physiologically, no, I am well aware of the difference between opiates and cannabinoids. But if you mean psychologically, they are pretty much the same—addicts are addicts, whether it’s food, sex, drugs, loud music, quiet music, etc. etc. The basic psychological issue is an unmet need (probably nutritional or medical or both in the case of cannabis addicts) which is met by the use of the substance.

    I am not against cannabis—I just don’t think we should make an industry out of addicting people to drugs sold at profit, nor should we call such a sick dealer/client relationship part of any healthy “culture.” We have the evidence from the pharmaceutical business showing how that corrupts things. Drugs should be sold not for profit, ideally by branches of the Government.

    “Have you never eaten a cannabis cookie? They are so delicious that you cannot stop at one…”

    As a matter of fact, I have. I was quite capable of stopping at one, and the people who eat as many as they can get their hands on, well, escalating dosage is one of the symptoms of addiction. And if someone is using oral cannabis as an alternative to opiates, I say great stuff, better for the body. But let’s not kid ourselves: being in chronic pain is not a “culture”, and the use of a drug to treat chronic pain (pain can be caused by all sorts of things, such as social rejection, etc. according to recent neuroimaging studies) is not anything like being Jewish, which is the issue here.

  27. Anonymous on

    Just because you are a crank diet freak does not give you the right to rubbish others choices in life. Disagree sure, but allow others the freedom to make different choices.

    Your writing “dried out” reveals that you have prejudged cannabis consumption to be an addiction similar to heroin addiction. This incorrect idea is not supported anywhere in the scientific community, and is supported only by those with a “demonize cannabis” political agenda.

    Yes, nutritional science is in it’s early stages of development, but fortunately nature has provided us with lots of fruits, nuts, vegetables, animals (not PC, but we may well yet see a proven place for this nutritionally) and the same list applies for medicinal purposes. Cannabis sits in this framework easily – food and medicine.
    Have you never eaten a cannabis cookie? They are so delicious that you cannot stop at one…
    and they put an end to anxiety, sleeplessness, cancer pain, lack of appetite….lots & lots more too.

    I don’t see how you can be a genuine nutritionist and be so against cannabis, it’s so valuable in so many ways.

  28. Anonymous on

    Marihuana use (and all compulsive drug-seeking) is rooted in malnutrition. Being Jewish is not rooted in malnutrition.

    Pretending that a misinterpretation of bodily desire for exogenous substances is a “culture” is disingenuous addict behavior designed to justify the addict’s obsession.

    I don’t agree with criminalization of medical problems like addiction, but I don’t believe that malnutrition is a “lifestyle choice” either.

    I mean, the writing should be on the wall, given that Emery has dried out in a prison environment, where he cannot get adequate nutrition, yet he still obsesses over cannabis. He says it is about the iniquity of it all, but really, is it?

    Nutritional science today is where surgery was in the 16th century—a new discipline that requires much study. In the future, the 19th and 20th century obsessions with ethanol, cocaine, opiates, marihuana and many medications will seem like a dark age, where humans groped in the dark, unable to even get enough nutrition to acknowledge their own malnutrition.

  29. Anonymous on

    I found this insightful, well documented, full of new perspectives and motivating. You lost me in the WHY section of you words. Why has become something i rarely spend much time on . Primarily because there are more of them that i could list, and well, it truly doesn’t matter. In my mind and my case, i go the the ‘What’, What is it that has my attention and what can i do to mitigate the issue. Why is like snowflakes to me, individual and unique-every one. Your passion and words are your weapons and protectors. Stay well Marc and Jodie.

  30. Anonymous on

    The word you’re looking for to describe Michael Coren is “quisling”.