Medical Marijuana User Blasts Proposed Rules

A Nova Scotia woman with multiple sclerosis is worried that proposed rules for medical marijuana mean it will be more difficult and expensive to get the drug.

Under a new federal proposal, Debbie Stultz-Giffin and other people with prescriptions for medical marijuana would no longer be allowed to grow their own drug or have someone do it for them.

Instead, they would have to buy their pot from a federally registered grower. Those companies would sell it for $8.80 cents a gram, far above the current range of $1.80 to $5.

Stultz-Giffin, who has a licence to use medical marijuana, gets her pot for free from a donor. She uses 12 grams a day, so she would have to spend more than $3,000 a month under the proposed system.

“It’s absolutely appalling to think that the federal government would put politics and profits ahead of patients. And it’s striking terror, literally, in the hearts of thousands of patients across this country,” she told CBC News.

Doctors are speaking out against the proposal too.

Dr. Anna Reid, with the Canadian Medical Association, said the federal government is abdicating its responsibility to regulate a drug.

“Really, it’s akin to asking us doctors to write prescriptions while being blindfolded,” Reid said.

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  1. vanislebudd on

    Anything the govn’t gets involved in will not help anyone. Just check their record. The only thing they grow is the government.

  2. Anonymous on

    It doesn’t even make sense that you can be allowed to possess dried Cannabis but not a live plant. They are, in effect, forcing patients to spend money which they normally wouldn’t have to. Since Health Canada had previously been supplying seeds for people to grow it, how can they say that it is suddenly illegal to do so? The Supreme Court decision hasn’t changed. If it was legal then, it’s still legal now and forevermore, until a new Constitution is enacted.

    I say that the restriction on personal cultivation is unconstitutional and will never hold up in court. Just ignore it and continue as usual. Talk about arrogant, thinking they can arbitrarily declare cultivation for medical use legal or illegal at their whim.

  3. CanadianGiant on

    The Fire and Police Chiefs across Canada are banding together to stop the growing of medical cannabis illegal in every home.I just spent a small fortune building my legal grow area and now i will have to trash it.I,m pissed off like everyone else.

  4. Anonymous on

    You pretend to be the authority ? Go to hell

  5. Anonymous on

    Just because of cannabis culture I almost threw my flat screen through the windows looking at those fucking people

  6. Anonymous on

    who are those two fucking bald monkeys behind Aglukkak ? Someone out there is really looking for trouble.Shit cannabis culture stop the aggravation.We just need the news.Not the picture of those less than humans morons Fuck it

  7. Av Green on

    It’s an open assult on the people, but it’s temporary. The whole prohibition thing is beginning to crumble anyway, and US is leading the way. I can only suggest one thing. If you want to speed up the process, NEVER miss a chance to vote. You can’t hurt a politician more, and make him/her pay attention to you, than by giving your vote to someone else.

  8. duthc on

    she wont have to worry about spending 3 grand a months as the monthly max limit will be 150 grams so $1320 at most a month for sick people.
    gratz sick folks your being screwed without lube by the government

  9. joe on

    The last person who sued the government said he could not find a doctor that was the whole idea that the doctors do not want to do it. Oh well the stupid Harper gang did not understand the ruling and we will be back in court again very soon.