“True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide To Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors” by The Rev

CANNABIS CULTURE – One fine afternoon, while hanging out at the Cannabis Culture offices, I picked up a book titled True Living Organics by ‘The Rev.’ Now, as I had found this tome on Cannabis Culture Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer’s desk, I was soon handed the assignment of reviewing it. (This is of course why you shouldn’t go touching things on other people’s desks.)

As it turned out the book was for the most part about dirt, which naturally lead to the question: how do you review a book that’s for the most part about dirt?

I had some reading ahead of me.

For those of you that don’t know, ‘The Rev’ is a regular contributor to SKUNK Magazine and a world-class grower. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with him on various grow forums in the past. A full-on organic grower, The Rev has developed a ‘Living Soil,’ which is just like the soil in the real big bad outdoors but indoors where the grower is in full control. In his book True Living Organics, he shows you how to create your own batch of Living Soil.

True Living Organics is a 13 chapter book of over 200 glossy pages featuring fully detailed high (yes I said high) resolution photographs. It begins with a forward by editor of SKUNK Magazine John Vergados giving some insight into the man under the hoodie. The Rev strives to grow the best marijuana possible, not for fame or fortune, but for the ganja, the love of the plant and the ability to share decades of knowledge and experience with other growers.

From the onset Rev explains that this is not a beginners’ guide to growing pot but rather a book for people who already have a decent idea of organic gardening and already have some ganja growing experience. The Rev tells us that he coined the term “True Living Organics” himself, explaining in detail what that means by showing you that your soil is now a living entity full of ‘microbeasties,’ another of The Rev’s terms you’ll find mentioned in the book.

Great attention to detail is paid throughout, from details on which lighting sources you need, what soil additives you should use, to which brand names to buy. In just the ‘Soil Mix Quick Reference’ guide alone, 17 different ingredients are listed along with reasons and recommendations, and the Rev pulls no punches when letting the reader know what brand of this or that he prefers and why. You will find “Rev’s Tips” scattered throughout as well: boxes of text where he reveals grow secrets and advice from his vast knowledge as a veteran grow expert.

TLO will even show you how to make your own earthworm farm, and don’t forget the fungus! Rev gives the full lowdown on Mycorrhizal fungi as well as many other supplements. The Rev teaches you how to make your own teas and all natural food spikes, recycle your soil, collect male pollen and more, proving that this is a no nonsense book for those of you really wanting to learn the fine art of organic growing.

Despite being a long time grower myself, TLO still taught me that even though I’ve used a very high (there, I said it again) quality liquid organic fertilizer, I’ve still only been using a ‘soup method’ and do not have a true organic setup.

All in all, True Living Organics book jammed packed with excellent information that any experienced grower can use. Much of the information in the soil additives can be adapted for outdoor growing as well. How do you think they grow those awesome plants you see in those outdoor California medical Co-Ops on facebook?… Soil amendments, mixes and additives my friends.

A great gift for the gardener on your list or just to add to your library, The Rev does not disappoint.

Oh, and Jeremy, this book’s staying down on the Pharm.