Vancouver Medical Marijuana Activist Starts Pot Bazaar for Low-Income Users

High “medicine” costs to use marijuana from sanctioned Health Canada growers and the black market has frustrated a local man enough to start his own 420 Market in east Vancouver.

It’s already been running once a month since October, pot activist Dave Douglas told 24 hours this week. His federal medical marijuana licence allows him to purchase a large amount daily — 20 grams — from a sanctioned grower. It’s too much for him to use alone, so he sells it for about three-quarters of the black market price to licensees who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.

“The prices have gotten very, very high. The compassion clubs, they’re at the mercy of the growers, so whatever the growers charge them they have to add an operation cost for the patients,” said the 53-year-old.

“What we can do is give the low-income people the opportunity to get the medicine they need.”

– Read the entire article at 24 Hours Vancouver.



  1. bb54 on

    One thing important that people tend to forget in these upsetting and dehumanizing times.People, always remember, no matter how much you paid,that behind every tomato you purchased, there was a human being hard at work along the production line at some point.Same thing goes for cannabis buds.We can only hope that the cannabis workers will be spared the same treatment as of tomato workers because I suspect things not being so rosy in the industrial tomato world.

  2. bb54 on

    No doubt this type of action deserves praise.Cannabis is for all to enjoy,the rich and the poor.Making cannabis available at low price for the low income people is truly a challenging task.Five to ten dollars a gram make marijuana prohibitive to a lot of people.What is really a fair price for cannabis ?
    Hard to say.It depends on many factors.Producing high quality cannabis is indeed very hard work and very costly.Cannabis can be compared to wine:you can have expensive bottles and cheap ones.Among producers you have those for whom the $ sign in profits means everything,the industrial made for the masses product fed chemicals fertilizers and you have the small scale organic producers feeding their babies organic fertilizers,mycorrhizes and other organic supplements and who have eyes only for producing big shiny sticky buds in small quantity.Cannabis is a very adaptable plant and like wine you sure have different qualities.In a government regulated market,the low income will at least have the insurance of a good quality product at a fair price.But it remains that your oversized sparkling Château de Ganja bud will always fetch the highest prices.Even small scale producers tend to keep for themselves what they judge to be outstanding crop.

  3. Gary Webbz on

    Growing world class cannabis is VERY hard work and VERY costly. Capitalism is misunderstood yet it’s essential to a Constitutional Republic with private property and free individuals. Here in the USA one of the many and maybe the most important problem is the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and how it’s fractional reserve banking makes true free market capitalism impossible. The tomato model is perfect! Some can trade and sell low quality ganja for less money and some will pay for the very best.

  4. Anonymous UK on

    Right On.
    I never sell pot but if I do I can’t help but feel it is like selling a few tomatoes (In terms of the effort taken to produce it). It’s worth just a few tens of dollars, euros or whatever at most. My friends and I always try to stick to a low nominal price or just swap an entitlement. If you want to shake off the capitalist influences on marijuana – sell it as cheaply as you can – don’t look to profiteer from it. If you want to profit then open a grow shop, head shop or something in the paraphernalia business.