Washington State Lights Up as Marijuana Officially Legalized

Pot-smokers lit up in Washington state Thursday as recreational marijuana became legal in a historic first for the United States, clouded by the fact that federal law still bans the practice.

Midnight pot parties were reported across the western US state as a new law came into force following a November 6 referendum to legalize private consumption of marijuana for recreational use.

Some 200 people gathered at midnight outside Seattle’s appropriately-named Space Needle, a futuristic tower that dominates the cityscape, to light up and celebrate their new-found freedom.

“You can smoke and not feel like a criminal. It’s really no different than having a beer or something, in fact I think it’s less dangerous,” Calvin Lee told the local Kiro 7 television station.

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    While I’m still going to be mostly consuming BC bud, hash, etc, I look forward to the opportunity to light up down in WA.

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    Not so long ago,for a brief time Canada was almost on the verge of legalizing marijuana.Our nice neighbors reminded us that it would create a total mess at the border and that they were not interested of being poisoned with the evil drug marijuana.Now its them who have legalized,did not ask for our opinion and are making millionnaires once again…
    Different times..I really suspect that the $ sign has spoken again.Us,little Canadians, unable to do anything original by ourselves and eager consumers (as opposed to eager producers)of American products cant wait to see all the new cannabis products that the IMAGINATIVE AND ENTREPRENEURIALS Americans will have in store for us.We promise to be faithful consumers to make your economic wheel turn forever…