Angus Reid Poll: Most Canadians, Americans Support Marijuana Legalization — Expect It To Be Legal Within Ten Years

A majority of adults in both Canada and the United States believe that cannabis ought to be legal, according to a two-country Angus Reid Public Opinion poll of 1,005 randomly selected Canadian adults and 1,002 randomly selected American adults.

In the online survey of representative national samples, a majority of Canadians (57 percent) and Americans (54 percent) support the legalization of marijuana. Sixty-six percent of those polled in both countries said that they anticipate that cannabis will be legalized within the next ten years.

Respondents strongly opposed the notion of legalizing any other illicit substances besides marijuana.

Respondents in the Northeastern region of the United States expressed the highest level of support for legalizing marijuana (61 percent), while those in the South voiced the least level of support (51 percent). Nationally, 65 percent those age 18 to 34 backed legalization; 49 percent of respondents age 35 and older did so.

In Canada, men (64 percent) were more likely than women (50 percent) to call for the legalization of cannabis. By contrast, Americans’ support for legalization was nearly equally among genders (55 percent male support versus 53 percent female support).

The Angus Reid results are similar to those of other national surveys — including those conducted by Gallup, Rasmussen, and YouGov — showing that more Americans now support legalizing the adult use of cannabis than support maintaining its prohibition.

– Article from NORML.



  1. RedMan on

    lol you got a good idea with GNOD= GROW NOW OR DIE

  2. bernard b. on

    Fuck it man !In ten years ill be 68 years old.I cant wait that long to enjoy my sweet Mary-Jane.

  3. Snocore on

    10 years is too long. I’ll be basically 40 by that point. We’ve already waited a long time(well my life lets say +18yo) for it. We need to employ more strategies and hit new fronts. Educating people and indoctrinating them works, but we need to come up with more.

    I do my part. I did a presentation to my composition class on Monday, “Stances on the legalization of Cannabis”. Even though it wasn’t a report, focusing on the rhetorical elements(pathos, ethos, logos) I still had the guts to bring up the topic in front of my peers. My agenda, beside educating, has been to break the ice in the sense of talking about it publically for we can all agree that it is a tabu ‘hushed’ topic to discus.

  4. gutrod on

    10 years is a bit optimistic. Cannabis prohibition employs too many people. It probably costs more to enforce than the profits made from it. All paid for by us the taxpayer. The current events in the states are encouraging. I am really looking forward to Marc getting released from his American gulag. There will be a huge celebration countrywide. Canada and America need honest leaders like him and Jody.