ExpoCannabis Shows Growing Cultural Acceptance of Cannabis in Spain

CANNABIS CULTURE – In the midst of protests against austerity measures and talks of independence, a hazy cloud of smoke arose from the Cubierta de Leganes at one of the most chilled atmospheres on the planet: ExpoCannabis in the city of Madrid.

This annual event, put together in October by a team of organizers with years of experience, brings together people of all ages to celebrate the many uses of the cannabis plant.

Hemp in its industrial form has been grown in Spain for many years for use in textiles and paper, and personal cultivation and consumption have been decriminalized.

You can almost taste the historical influence of cannabis in this country, and it shows in growing cultural acceptance of the plant. ExpoCannabis Madrid is one of three major pot expos held in Spain, along with ExpoCannabis Sur in Málaga and Spannabis in Barcelona. All three expos are heavily attended and get a warm welcome from the local press.

Medical marijuana has also been a focus in Spain for many years. At this years ExpoCannabis (October 5 – 7, 2012) Dr. Manuel Guzman of the The Spanish Cannabinoid Research Society presented his research, which looked at the active compounds in cannabis and their use in the treatment of different illnesses, including cancer.

Dr. Paul Hornby, creator of the first standardized cannabis growing product, gave a presentation on cannabis standardization and the benefits of targeting specific illness with individual cannabis strains.

ExpoCannabis is the perfect place for cannabis aficionados to get high-quality paraphernalia and growing products, and shop from the best among seed banks.