UN Drug Official ‘Voices Concern’ Over State Marijuana Laws

As federal officials mull how to react to the passage of marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado, the head of a United Nations drug agency is urging the federal government to do whatever necessary to ensure the United States’ continued compliance with international drug treaties.

International Narcotics Control Board President Raymond Yans [pictured above]said laws authorizing the non-medical use of cannabis violate international drug control treaties and send ‘‘a wrong message to the rest of the nation and … a wrong message abroad.’’ Under the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, marijuana is listed as a “Schedule I” drug, meaning states are tasked with implementing a system for limiting usage of the drug to medical and scientific purposes.

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the treaty, and some have questioned whether the treaty’s goal of protecting the “health of welfare of mankind” has been undermined by drug criminalization.

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  1. Intelligent Cannabis Educated on

    In that photo of him, he looks very pleased with that big ole post stuck up his ass. We ought to remove it for him and beat some sense into him with it.

    Neglecting the democratic rights of those involved does not give him authority over state’s rights. He seems to be reading from the wrong book.

  2. Anonymous on

    His email address is
    [email protected]

    Dear sir, just because your head is stuck in 1950s, does not mean that the world has to follow.

    I am specifically referring to your latest call to the United States, in response to MARIJUANA legalization actions that took place in 2 American states.

    Dear Mr. Yans, please go away, and don’t ever come back. No one wants, or likes you here, in the post-Nazi, modern, democratic world, where the will of the people actually matters.

    Just to make sure that I’m being totally clear – we, the People, want MARIJUANA to be 100% legal here, in US, and Canada, and we want YOU, Mr. Yans, to be banned from these two countries, and your name to be placed on the Schedule 1 list of Controlled Substances, as one of the most DANGEROUS threats to Democracy! Please resign NOW!

  3. Anonymous on

    What r u talking about “pockets of democracy”, “and giving people the rights”? It’s people like u who’s already surrendered their democracy, as soon as u saw the title of this article. U r already crying about something that hasn’t even happened yet. And it will never happen. Obama, nor anyone else is going to listen to this pervy looking dude with wax face. And it’s not like the US has ever payed any attention to what the UN says anyway. He is just gonna cry like a little bitch for a little bit, but will soon run and hide under a rock somewhere, one he hears the world’s reply “GO FUCK YOURSELF” loud and clear. I bet this dude wanted the republicans to win, because just like them, he is stuck in 1950s. He is a dinosaur,and its time to retire. Relax people. There is nothing to worry about here.

  4. Bhonze on

    All I can Is Just look at him; That is Why Bullies Exist!!!
    He has the Face that a Mother would love to see on a Milk Carton!

  5. Bhonze on

    This is America the FREE!!! FUCK THE UN!

  6. Anonymous on

    For sure I am going to light up after reading such an article

  7. Anonymous on

    Huh… I never believed those conspiracy theories about the UN being some horrible dictator. But this little public declaration sounds pretty dictatorial to me. Look look, one democratically run chunk of land in our big empire is getting out of line! Better remind their national government to crack down on that. Can’t be having little things like democracy and sovereignty now can we?

    Then again, when one country does make it out of the trap of being governed by a ruling class, the surrounding powers crush that little pocket of democracy as soon as they see it. At least if there were a unified, solid world government with absolutely no sovereignty, eventually there may come a time when the people win that struggle as it has happened before, except with no outside powers to crush you, the little pocket of democracy is the whole world and we’ll actually get to experience democracy.

    That would be nice. Sure beats voting to choose who gets to make your decisions for you, giving your power away to someone else, letting them shackle you and chain you like that. Some day the world may be able to call a vote. Hey all you billions of people, what do you think about legalizing the herb? 70% say yes? BAM, done. The will of the people can only be realized by giving them the power to vote on everything themselves instead of ignoring poll results and doing something against their will. Democracy is a dream we’re nowhere near close to accomplishing as it is…

  8. Anonymous on

    I mean look at the face.It is made of wax.Looks so real though

  9. Anonymous on

    INCB president does he think hes head of world government ?
    With his little mustache he reminds me of someone…
    Hes ringing his little bell to Obama.You are violating International drug treaties.He believes hard as rock that he belongs with the cream of the cream of the upper echelons of the society,the achievement of evolution the way evolution should be at its best,the savior of humanity,a beacon of light in a society left to itself. Mr.: YOU BELONG IN THE WAX MUSEUM OF CANNABIS PROHIBITION alongside the Anslingers of this world.

  10. Mrs. RatsRectum on

    No shit Sherlock. It’s against international treaty. The scientific research indicates there is some medical use for cannabis. The science indicates it’s safer than alcohol, albeit it now without some concerns. Cannabis prohibition is a farce. This part of the treaty you cite is a farce. It’s outdated, and the treaty needs to be changed to allow legalization for recreational purposes, too.

    Obviously, nobody really gives a shit what you think or what is currently in the treaty regarding cannabis.



    You ought to be calling for an international meeting to bring the damn treaty into the modern era.