Marijuana Legalization or Decriminalization Backed by Most Canadians

A new poll shows a majority of Canadians support loosening the country’s marijuana laws, a stance that’s starkly out of sync with the federal government’s pot policy.

According to the poll, released Tuesday by Toronto’s Forum Research, 65 per cent of Canadians favour either the legalization and taxation of the drug, or decriminalizing it in small amounts.

“Very few want the law to be as it is,” said Forum president Lorne Bozinoff, pointing out that 17 per cent believe Canada’s current pot laws should remain, while 15 per cent want tougher rules.

On Monday, Forum Research polled 1,849 randomly selected people over the telephone in an interactive voice response survey.

“Public opinion has been ahead of government on this issue for a while,” said Bozinoff.

Under the Conservatives, Ottawa has veered toward harsher penalties for marijuana, increasing potential prison time and imposing mandatory jail sentences for growing six or more weed plants.

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  1. Rider on

    I really hate to see decriminalization promoted in any way. Decriminalization only means that those caught with a small amount will not get a criminal record. They will get a fine instead. That isn’t much better than we have now. The drug war will still continue. It is the height of hypocrisy to say the it’s kind of ok to use it but we’re still going to jail those you buy it from. If anything decriminalization bolsters the criminal element because more people will use knowing that they don’t have to worry about going to jail. Legalize it and sell it like alcohol. NO GOVERNMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL ITS PEOPLE WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN’T CONSUME.

  2. gutrod on

    Harper’s opinion doesn’t mean much to the millions of Canadians who continue to defy the law by partaking in a little weed. Also millions of Canadians that don’t even smoke it are against our laws. Can that may people really be wrong.

  3. gutrod on

    Let’s have a National Reeferendum. I’m sure most Canadians would think it a worthy expenditure. That would be the democratic way of deciding what Canadians want. I forgot, Harper does give a crap what his employers want, unlike the real world where the employer makes the rules.

  4. Anonymous on

    Canada is a far cry from being an actual democracy. If I am not mistaken I believe Harper only got approximately 38% of the popular vote. Unfortunately for some reason a 37% vote is enough to achieve a majority government. Last I checked you need at least 51% of the vote to have a “majority” opinion.

  5. Anonymous on

    We don’t live in a democracy, Canada is a dictatorship, Harper didnt even legally get elected, he used robocalls

  6. Anonymous on

    I believe that conservatives instead of making decisions based on hard facts science and studies prefer to make decisions based on repressive moral principles like the Inquisitor did in the middle ages.Heaven and Hell.The good and the bad.One day I dont know when the tyranny that this type of government exert on the people will end.The people right now are just too busy surviving and earning little dollars to afford to eat and pay their taxes.They dont realize the global actions of the surrounding government which is always to restrict more and more the fredom of the individuals.It is a tragedy but the important is that there are people out there with their eyes wide open who know damn well what is really going on as far as the intentions of the governement are concerned.

  7. Anonymous on

    Well said, what I don’t understand is if we have a “Democratic” government here in Canada, and the majority of people say “Legalize or demcriminalize”, why the hell isn’t the government complying. Democracy is by the people, for the people. It seems that as usual, Harper and his right wing cronies are ignoring the wishes of the people. This makes me sick.

  8. Anonymous on

    A majority of Canadians want marijuana legalized or decriminalized.Yet the democratically elected canadian government persist in going the opposite direction.It seems in Canada the more we discuss marijuana and the more severe the laws become.While this is happening in Canada,our neighbors are hard at work integrating marijuana in their economy,creating a whole new range of products and edibles. They are making plans for the future with new municipal laws,state laws and federal laws.They are discussing all the little details of the new legalization and day by day they are getting closer of creating a new industry.They have done so in a very civilized way and they are succeeding.In Canada,the rabid police of Rob Nicholson is hard at work clubbing the sick and poor people in need of their medication.
    If it is true that a majority of Canadians want marijuana to be legalized or decriminalized,and if they are very sincere about it,then they should take all the appropriate means to achieve a common national goal but what I will never understand is why in the first place have they elected a government that they knew would come down hard on marijuana.
    The stupidity of having seen Harper singing I get high with a little help from my friends is the epitomy of canadian stupidity