Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal in Florida? Petition Says Yes

It’s been tried before in Florida and failed. But this week, an advocacy group is working on a new way to make medical marijuana legal in the state. The group wants to get the drug reclassified as a less dangerous substance, a path they’re hoping will lead to doctors being able to prescribe it in Florida.

Days after Colorado and Washington voters approved the legalization of small amounts of recreational marijuana, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi got a petition asking her to decriminalize marijuana, also known as cannabis, for medical use here. Bondi spokesman John Lucas says, the attorney general hasn’t indicated what she’ll decide.

“We’re still reviewing the document and have not yet responded to the petition,” he said.

Florida law gives Bondi 30 days to respond to the request, filed by the Florida Cannabis Action Network. It’s the same group that has supported failed efforts in the past to put medical marijuana on the ballot. But CAN Executive Director Jodi James said the group’s new tactic has never been tried before.

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