Drug Dominoes Begin to Topple

Call it the Marijuana domino effect.

Less than two weeks after Washington and Colorado voted to legalize and regulate cannabis, lawmakers in five other states say they are considering similar bills.

In Latin American, Mexican President Felipe Calderon says Uncle Sam now has lost the “moral authority” to ask other nations to maintain the cannabis prohibition and combat trafficking.

A fundamental change has occurred, he added, that requires the rethinking of public policy in the entire Western Hemisphere.

Calderon joined the leaders of Belize, Honduras and Costa Rica on Monday calling for the Organization of American States to study the change, and saying the U.N. General Assembly should hold a special session on the prohibition of drugs by 2015.

What didn’t seem remotely possible a fortnight ago suddenly seems inevitable.

Lawmakers in Rhode Island and Maine said they intend to introduce marijuana legalization bills for debate next year, politicians in Vermont and Massachusetts indicated they will, too, and Ohio may join them.

Since even homegrown smuggled from Colorado and Washington would be far cheaper than B.C. Bud or Mexican schwag, with the exception of a few border states, the Sinaloa cartel could soon lose up to half its total income from American cannabis consumers.

A Mexican think-tank says the two states may do more damage to the country’s bloodthirsty narcoterrorists than the war on drugs came close to achieving.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., the Obama Administration is flummoxed by the sea change in the public mood towards marijuana and the expensive, failed attempt to control it with criminal laws.

Few would have predicted the pot prohibition could fall almost overnight like the Iron Curtain, nevertheless the two-state triumph for has set off a series of tremors that suggest the people’s will has shifted.

America appears to have reached a tipping point in terms of attitudes toward cannabis and, if the weight of public opinion truly has passed the fulcrum, change could be rapid.

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