Berkeley Medical Marijuana Collective Will Be Ordered to Close

There was unmitigated praise for the benefits of medical marijuana at the Tuesday night City Council meeting. But there was also unanimous consent that the Perfect Plants Patient Group was operating illegally and would have to shut its doors.

“Medical marijuana is not before this council,” said Councilman Darryl Moore. “We enforce zoning regulations like we do for every business in Berkeley.”

The city attorney will draft a resolution that will detail specific code violations and the council will vote on it Nov. 27.

Before the public hearing, code enforcement officer Gregory Daniel enumerated the various charges leveled at the Perfect Plant Patients Group, better known as 3PG: Its location near Sacramento and Oregon streets violates zoning rules requiring a minimal 600-foot distance between schools and medical marijuana distribution sites, he said.

The operation is in a commercial area, where only licensed dispensaries are permitted to sell medical marijuana; 3PG has no license, Daniel said. (There are three licensed distributors in Berkeley; new policies are being written to add a fourth. Medical marijuana collectives — generally small — are allowed to operate in residential zones as long as marijuana cultivation and distribution are “incidental to residential use;” 3PG calls itself a collective, but has some 4,000 members.)

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