Appeals Court Orders Return of Man’s Medical Marijuana

The Colorado Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled that Colorado Springs police must return more than 60 pounds of marijuana they seized from a cancer patient who was later acquitted at trial of drug charges.

Bob Crouse, 64, is scheduled to pick up his medical marijuana — some $300,000 worth — on Friday afternoon.

The marijuana has been kept at the downtown Police Operations Center since Crouse’s May 2011 arrest on charges of drug possession with the intent to distribute. Crouse uses marijuana oil in the treatment of his leukemia.

District Court Judge Timothy J. Schutz on Nov. 9 affirmed an order the marijuana must be returned in the wake of an acquittal at Crouse’s June trial. But El Paso County prosecutors were granted a temporary stay by the Court of Appeals after arguing police could be at risk of being charged under federal law.

On Thursday, a three-judge panel agreed to hear the District Attorney’s appeal — even as it ordered that Crouse’s marijuana must be returned.

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