Joe Grumbine, Medical Marijuana Activist, Arrested in Long Beach

Joe Grumbine, the medical marijuana activist (and OC Weekly cover story subject) who was charged and convicted of selling pot in Long Beach last year only to have his case thrown out because of judicial misconduct, was arrested this morning.

According to other activists with Grumbine’s medical marijuana courtroom-support group The Human Solution, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Grumbine when he appeared in court for a scheduling hearing on his new criminal case. They cited a traffic stop that occurred near his house in Riverside County a few months ago, in which Grumbine was found to be carrying marijuana. 

– Read the entire article at Orange County Weekly.



  1. Anonydude on

    This link leads to the wrong article. It’s a good article though.

  2. Anonymous on

    this is why when we are activists we cant use marijuana at all cant have it around use !!!!!