Medical Marijuana in Florida is No Laughing Matter

They will gather this morning in Tallahassee to talk about serious matters.

They will hold a news conference to release a white paper filled with reams of scientific research and societal impact. Later, they will meet with staffers from the Attorney General’s Office to make a case for the revision of state laws.

And when it’s all over, we will make a joke about the munchies. Or maybe Cheech and Chong.

This is typically the way it goes when the conversation turns to the legalization of marijuana. It doesn’t matter where you stand in this particular debate, the punch line is always within easy reach.

You see, pot smokers are like the jaywalkers of the drug war. They are, for the most part, harmless and easy to ignore. Or even mock.

– Read the entire article at The Tampa Bay Times.



  1. Anonymous on

    This is rather a shock to me. Little about me; I’m a NY transplanted six years ago(didn’t want to). I broke my neck while living here in a car accident. Back in June my dealer decided to had it with FL(his gf, room mate, friends, job) and left for KY. He left his buddy the business and ‘source’ instead of me ..his buddy -same thing. He got tired of his room mate, moved into a new place, the new room mates were cool with it at first then changed their mind. He told me he’d inform me when he moved. Three weeks later while I was bored walking the beach I texted him asking “so whats up”. He goes “I moved” so in excitement- I called “so where are you”,”can I stop by”. His ‘move’ was to his home state Michigan. That was back in August. So despite being bored obviously with out(I have no friends or a life so ti helps take the edge of that factor) – I’ve been getting my muscle spasms round the clock for the past 3 weeks. Excuse my comas and alike- I haven’t been sleeping well due to all this.

    Anyways my point- I don’t see FL as a progressive state. The Sharif here in St Augustine, David Shore, I heard is pro legalization via a gas station guy I talk to. To think of this state medically legalizing before my home state(NY) is insane.

    I have all sorts of questions too like do I qualify? I mean..seems everyone get a prescription in Cali; I think my injury is more legit then those situations ..but it is hard to imagine that I might be able too. If this actually goes through could some one make it a point to let us know every detail about it please