Canada Toughens Pot Laws, Two U.S. States Loosen Up

The same day that voters in two U.S. states approved the legalization of marijuana, the Harper government in Ottawa was bringing into force tough new mandatory penalties for pot.

The states of Washington and Colorado both voted in favour of ballot-box propositions Tuesday that remove criminal penalties for the possession and sale of recreational marijuana, while a similar provision in Oregon was defeated.

Tuesday was also the day that drug measures in the Conservative government’s omnibus Safe Streets and Communities Act, passed last spring, came into full force.

Canada’s new law provides a mandatory six-month jail term for growing as few as six marijuana plants, twice the mandatory minimum for luring a child to watch pornography or exposing oneself on a playground.

“Today our message is clear that if you are in the business of producing, importing or exporting of drugs, you’ll now face jail time,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said in a release Tuesday, before U.S. polls closed.

By day’s end, Colorado had voted to permit adults over 21 to grow up to six pot plants in private, and Washington had voted to permit state-licensed growers to sell adult individuals up to an ounce of marijuana at a time.

Nicholson was not available Wednesday to comment on the American state votes but his spokeswoman reiterated in an email that “our government does not support the decriminalization or the legalization of marijuana.”

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  2. Anonymous on

    hey canada : it’s time to CRUSH HARPER!!!

  3. Anonymous on

    Harper is a TRAITOR!!! He’s sold out Canada and destroyed our wonderful nation, and it is not just about pot – pot is just the tip of the iceberg. I think that the prohibition might be just another smoke & mirrors tactic to get the people focusing their attention on something else to distract from the real issues. Yes, pot is a “real issue” (ridiculous as the prohibition is), but I think that it is just like the magician getting you to look at the right hand so that you don’t notice what the left hand is doing.

    I wonder who Harper’s boss(es) really are? Who is profiting from all of this? Now despite how Horrible-Harper really is, we need to remember that he is just another puppet in a long line of puppets over the past 75 years. However Chuckie looks like a saint next to him.

    If, at the next federal election, a candidate for Prime Minister were to declare that he’d jail Harper then I would be extremely active promoting that political party. Either way I am sure he’s going to hell. Maybe some poetic justice this lifetime is in order, like cancer or some other horribly painful disease, and not let him medicate.

  4. bb54 on

    Stephen Harper and Rob Nicholson are the two biggest assholes in all of Canada

  5. bb54 on

    Stephen Harper and Rob Nicholson are the two biggest assholes in all of Canada

  6. Anonymous on

    You know who actually(hopefully) gets to (slowly) make decisions in a DEMOCRACY? Not the gov’t, the gov’t can put the word of the people into reasonable law. ANS: us. The people. The Canadian gov’t can do what it wants but nobody should be able to seriously voice an opinion on behalf of the gov’t. For one; you’ll never be taken serioulsly, and for two regardless who you speak on behalf of do not speak on behalf a constantly (albeit slowly) changing thing. A gov’t represents a system of order as (slowly) created by the people. I beleive the Canadian gov’t ought to do some thinking about what their roles are and how to at least consider some compassion for it’s people. Weed is only a plant and should realistically be minded just as such; a plant. Everyone, even the gov’t should be able to see this. The simple fact is everyone likes to have a market cornered.