Canadian Pot Activists Fired Up After Two U.S. States Legalize Marijuana

If there’s one thing that can get the nation’s pot smokers motivated it’s the legalization of marijuana.

After two U.S. states okayed pot for recreational use in ballot initiatives on Tuesday, activists in this country renewed their call to legalize it in Canada.

“This is monumental. I finally feel like we’re beginning to see the end of the war on cannabis around the world,” cannabis crusader Dana Larsen, a founding member of the Canadian Marijuana Party and the B.C. Marijuana Party, told QMI Agency Wednesday.

But just as Colorado and Washington loosened up, Canada tightened its drug laws.

On the very same day as the U.S. election, the Canadian federal Safe Streets and Communities Act went into effect, introducing mandatory minimum penalties for marijuana possession and production: one year in jail for more than 3 kg, and six months for between six and 200 plants.

“These drugs are illegal because of the harmful effect they have on users and on society, including violent crime,” Carl Vallee, a press secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said in April in response to a pro-pot protest on Parliament Hill. “Our government has no interest in seeing any of these drugs legalized or made more easily available to youth.”

While 3 kg is probably more than most people would have for personal use, it’s a lot less than Larsen has on hand at the two medical marijuana dispensaries he runs in B.C. The new mandatory minimums apply to him and his staff.

“It’s an irony that in the States they’ve (taken) two huge steps forward and in Canada it’s really one big step back,” said Larsen, who is currently taking his Sensible B.C. tour around his home province to push for decriminalization of “simple cannabis possession.”

The move by the two U.S. states is an “inspiration” to those who want to see Canada “embrace a smart drug policy,” David Valentin, of the Young Liberals of Canada, said in a statement Wednesday. “We are losing over a billion dollars of tax revenue, wasting over $400 million trying to enforce a failed drug strategy and giving young people criminal records,” he said.

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  1. george lenard on

    Without fact nor subtantiated opinion our Prime Minister denies logic and constitutional rights. Only political trash would do such a thing!

  2. Brian Kerr on

    Mr. Harper please kill your self. You nazi price of shit.

  3. gutrod on

    The government line is always ‘pot would be made more easily available to youth’ if it were legalized. What a croc of B.S. They believe they are doing God’s work by eliminating the use of one of God’s creations, the beloved cannabis plant with it’s many uses. Kids, don’t do drugs unless you drink them in the form of alcohol which is the primary gateway to harder drugs. Many hard drug addicts started with alcohol and are full blown alcoholic’s. This is never acknowledged by our so called protectors. More like Persecutors.

  4. Anonymous on

    Mr Harper is like an ostrich. He hides his head in the sand when he senses danger.He keeps governing this country as if hes the only person living in Canada.Hey Mr.Wake up a majority of Canadians are asking you to legalize marijuana you cant forever say no you bunch of fascists

  5. Mary-Jane Greentumbs on

    Absolutely stupid! The legalization of pot will send tax dollars to where they should be going and take the power out of the hands of large drug cartels. And the whole “keeping out of the youth’s hands” remark, there is a legal age on drinking, gambling, and smoking in this country. Just a small sugestion, maybe a legal age for pot too? But hey its the pot and pot heads that are the real problem in this country right? Not the government people who just pretend they don’t smoke it. Saying the legalization will increase violence is also something they need to look further into. Case in point Portugal (low crime rate) where drugs are not punished with jail time, they get a fine and have to report to rehab. Now which seems more realistic? Spending money to rehabilitate someone, or spending more money to lock someone up (where there is plenty of violence to go around), who will probably use/sell again?

  6. Anonymous on

    “These drugs are illegal because of the harmful effect they have on users and on society, including violent crime,” Carl Vallee, a press secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said

    Telling lies like this ,should carry mandatory minimum of 50 years .or better yet the death penalty.