5,500 Montana Medical Marijuana Users to Lose Providers

5,500 medical marijuana card holders in Montana will likely lose their current providers after the Montana Supreme Court denied a request by medical marijuana advocates to revisit its ruling last month that there is no constitutional right to access the drug.

The Associated Press reports the decision lifted a lower court judge’s block of portions of a 2011 law that prohibited marijuana providers from receiving compensation or anything of value for their services and limited them to three registered users each.

The Montana Cannabis Industry Association filed a petition for rehearing, which the state’s high court denied Tuesday.

Officials with the Montana Department of Health and Human Services said the department plans to send letters to 5,500 medical marijuana users notifying them that their providers will no longer be able to provide them with medical cannabis under the re-instated portions of the 2011 law.

Association president Chris Lindsey says the group will seek another injunction to again block portions of that law, but he said the time it takes for a judge to rule on the injunction could deal a heavy blow to the medical marijuana industry.

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  1. Anonymous on

    The founders of the US probably did not put anything in the constitution about being able to grow whatever plant you wanted because if you weren’t able to the country had probably fallen. Sort of like saying “Congress shall make no law allowing the government to imprison and kill people at will..”

  2. Tony Aroma on

    A judge has issued a temporary restraining order against this decision. It won’t be decided until after the election, at which point it may not have to be decided.

  3. gutrod on

    National government strategy is to cut off cannabis supply for medicinal and recreational users. They don’t care if it is immoral and that sick people are denied freedom of choice. We all know what the alternative available drugs are and how addictive pharmaceutical opiates can be. Cannabis prohibition is a total failure while denying the basic human right of freedom of choice. The bottom line is that drug enforcement is a huge employer all paid for by the millions of the very same people being persecuted. Under The Stephen Harper government, Canada is also being led down the garden path by American influence. The will of the American & Canadian people will prevail one day. Unfortunately it will be after much misery and trillions of tax dollars frivolously wasted on failed policies.