Santa Monica Extends Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Council voted unanimously, and without discussion, to extend a 45-day moratorium on permits allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Monica.

The ban, which the Council voted to extend for 10 months past its November 5 expiration date, would prevent any permits or land use entitlements for people looking to open up medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.

“This is about waiting for the Supreme Court to settle some law. At least I can hope, that with a little bit of time that the law will become clearer and every city’s rights are better understood,” said Mayor Richard Bloom.

“I think most people have recognized that there are health benefits to some folks to using medical marijuana,” he said, but added that the issues is complicated.

“I think the discussion in Santa Monica is a little piece of a much bigger discussion that we’ve been avoiding for a long time because it’s controversial and it’s complicated and we have put ourselves in conflict with the Federal government as a state,” he said.

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