Disabled Veteran’s Appeal Could Change US Medical Marijuana Policy

A disabled veteran has told an appeals court that the department of veteran affairs policy on medical marijuana has caused him pain and significant economic harm, in a development campaigners say is a positive step in the battle to push for the drug’s reclassification.

Michael Krawitz, one of five plaintiffs involved in a legal case before the court of appeal for the District of Columbia Circuit, told the Guardian that the VA denied him pain treatment after they discovered he had been prescribed medical marijuana while abroad.

He told the court in an affidavit that the withdrawal of care by the department, which has rated him 100% permanently disabled and thus eligible for all medical treatment under its auspices, has meant he now has to travel 130 miles from his home to see a doctor for pain relief.

Krawitz, 49, who is the executive director of Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access, said: “The bottom line is its unethical to take away someone’s pain treatment. This conflicts with standards of medical care.”

Krawitz sustained his injuries in a car accident while serving in the US air force, which has left him suffering debilitating pain.

– Read the entire article at The Guardian.



  1. gutrod on

    I guess his service to the country while getting disabled in war didn’t really mean anything to him. He is still deprived of freedom of choice. The laws and military policy are living in the dark ages. Here are the choices available for pain.
    Oxycontin, Morphine and Perks. All very addictive. Throw in some alcohol and when mixed together will kill your liver. A recipe for a slow death. No wonder many would choose the least harmful of all, m.j. People are not as naive or stupid as our governments would have the public believe. Michael Krawitz is one man stacked against very uneven odds. David against Goliath.

  2. HurtVet on

    As a veteran who is 100% permanent and totally disabled due to COMBAT ACTION. I find it deplorable that someone injured in a car accident would parade for medical marijuana under the guise of veterans medical care. What about those of us who are legal to medicate and still get pain medication from the VA, are we bad people? Or just right? My state won’t issue for some conditions but a myriad of others allows me to have a medical card. God speed and good health to those who need it, support your local veteran!

  3. Anonymous on

    This is just wrong but I am not at all surprised. I am a combat veteran and have had horrible treatment from the government. Stay strong brother and we have your back. Medical marijuana has worked wonders on my anxiety and bouts of rage while also helping me open up and talk about certain situations with loved ones. Thank you all for your service and may there be better days to come!