‘NJ Weedman’ Acquitted After Using Medical Marijuana Argument as His Defense

A flamboyant, longtime advocate of marijuana legalization was acquitted Thursday of drug-related charges, even after admitting that he had a pound in his car when a New Jersey state trooper stopped him two years ago in Mount Holly.

Ed Forchion, known widely as “NJ Weedman,” told a Burlington County jury that he holds a license to use medical marijuana in California and needs the drug to alleviate pain associated with bone cancer.

He is believed to be the first to use such a defense in a criminal case in New Jersey.

“I’m not a weirdo anymore; I’m a hero,” a jubilant Forchion said after the jury found him not guilty of possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute. “Other patients should use the Weedman defense.”

The prosecutor’s office had no comment on the verdict.

Forchion was being retried after a jury in May deadlocked on the drug-distribution charge. That jury convicted Forchion of a lesser charge of possession, but he says he plans to appeal while he is out on bail.

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  1. Paul Pot on

    This is truly an historic result.
    It is possible because support for marijuana reform has finally turned the corner and passed that magical 50% support. And it’s going to keep happening. People are wise to the lies.
    Vote to legalize in Colorado, Oregon and Washington.
    War is Over!

  2. gutrod on

    Salute! There is justice in America after all. He is extremely lucky he’s not looking at life in prison. The prosecution will appeal no doubt. It is win at all cost for them. Justice really has nothing to do with it down there.