National Geographic Explores Vansterdam in “Marijuana Nation”

CANNABIS CULTURE – An episode of the National Geographic Explorer television show titled “Marijuana Nation”, which features Cannabis Culture Headquarters and its founder Marc Emery, will be re-broadcast on Saturday, October 20 at 1PM EST.

The episode, originalled aired on Dec 2, 2008 on the National Geographic Channel, covers the ongoing global battle over marijuana prohibition, its history, and the growing culture of cannabis use for recreational and medical purposes.

Reporter Lisa Ling visits Vancouver’s Pot Block, as well as some secret and not-so-secret marijuana growing operations and other relevant pot spots.

Marc Emery, former publisher of Cannabis Culture and founder of the BC Marijuana Party, is shown at CCHQ (307 W. Hastings in Vancouver – see map) before his extradition to the US and imprisonment in a federal penitentiary. Emery was targeted by the US DEA for selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund marijuana legalization groups.

The National Geographic Channel, owned by Fox Entertainment Group, is available in more than 143 countries and seen in more than 160 million homes (and in 25 languages!)

WATCH “Marijuana Nation” Saturday, October 20 at 1PM EST on National Geographic Channel or in the embedded window below:



  1. blindpig on

    what a waste of time. When was this written ? Does this reporter think that she is actually reporting something new? Perhaps she wanted to include the vast amount of new evidence but her bosses wanted it included and mentioned as anecdotal evidence. When will we get a real documentary. Oh ya we have to wait until “The culture high” comes out. Bad job, late reporting, and laced with conservative narrow minded,non-evidence based overtones. It was like watching something from 1996.

  2. SO PITIFUL on

    It’s with disgust that I watch the beginning of this show where you can see the obscene hysteria around prohibition.

    Am I the only one who thinks that militarized cops flying around in helicopters looking for plants is completely absurd!! How do these people sleep at night???

    They are the reason there’s Billions of dollars being laundered and Trillions of dollars being wasted in government spending on this lunacy we call cannabis prohibition.

  3. gutrod on

    Just like prohibition laws. Way behind the times. LoL.

  4. Anonymous on

    This would only be news if the show was written, filmed and produced in or around 2012… NOT 2008… For anyone who didn’t know there’s a good episode of Seinfeld on right now…