Nelly Is Latest Performer Ensnared at West Texas Checkpoint

A notorious checkpoint in West Texas – notorious, at least, to the pop musicians and celebrities who have been stopped there for drug-related arrests – has another notch in its belt. Authorities at the United States Border Patrol checkpoint near Sierra Blanca, Tex., said they found marijuana, heroin and a loaded gun on the tour bus of the rapper Nelly when it was stopped there on Wednesday, The Associated Press reported, the latest in a line of illustrious arrests that have occurred at that site.

In 2010, Willie Nelson was busted at that checkpoint after the authorities said that about six ounces of marijuana had been found on his bus; a local prosecutor in Hudspeth County, Tex., originally suggested that Mr. Nelson could beat the rap by singing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” at the courthouse before a judge quickly nixed that proposal, dismissing it as a joke.

The actor Armie Hammer (of “The Social Network” and “J. Edgar”) was arrested there on Nov. 20 of last year; he was said to be possessing a small amount of marijuana as well as medicinal marijuana cookies and a brownie, and spent a day in jail. The rapper Snoop Dogg was also snared at that crossingon a misdemeanor drug charge in January. So, too, was the pop star Fiona Apple in September; when she protested the arrest at a subsequent performance in Houston, a spokesman for the county sheriff’s departmentresponded in a statement that she should “just shut up and sing.”

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  1. albinorat on

    my friend got busted for pot at the same check point. they claimed the dog hit on his car, funny thing is the dog hit on EVERY vehicle whether there were drugs on board or not, welcome to FASCIST Amerika! stay away from Texas! don’t spend any money in Texas! DRIVE AROUND TEXAS!!!