Judge Upholds Kent, Washington’s Ban on Medical Marijuana Collective Gardens

A King County Superior Court judge upheld the city of Kent’s ban on medical marijuana collective gardens.

Judge Jay White issued his ruling on a summary judgment motion by the city on Oct. 5 in court at the Norm Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent.

“We won the entire case,” said Deputy City Attorney Pat Fitzpatrick during a phone interview. “I was pleased. We expected that result. But we have to acknowledge it’s a complicated matter.”

Steve Sarich, a medical marijuana supporter who filed the lawsuit against the city in June in an effort to prohibit the city from enforcing its ban on collective gardens, said he also expected the ruling.

“We were disappointed but not surprised,” said Sarich during a phone interview. “And it’s not discouraging. We were prepared for whatever judgment came down.”

Sarich, one of several plaintiffs on the initial lawsuit filed after the Kent City Council passed in June its ban on medical marijuana collective gardens, said they would appeal within a few days to either the state Court of Appeals or the state Supreme Court.

“In all the case laws we cited they were not won instantly,” Sarich said. “They were all won in the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court. We could be in Supreme Court in as quickly as three weeks. We have no intention to let it drop. We’re right with the case law.”

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