Medical Marijuana Banned From All Section 8 Housing

Mainers who receive the section 8 housing subsidy, and are also legally participating in Maine’s medical marijuana program, will have to stop one or the other soon.

This after the Maine State Housing Authority board voted 4-3 last night to ban medical marijuana from Section 8 housing.

Folks in Section 8 housing will no longer be able to grow or smoke marijuana in their apartments or they risk losing their housing assistance entirely. “We took a very firm stand,” said Bruce Poliquin, who serves as the Maine State Treasurer and a member of the Maine Housing Authority’s board of directors. “There will be no growing of marijuana in these apartments. No cultivating of the substance. And we restricted the smoking of the substance in those apartments.”

Poliquin said it’s a matter of safety for other occupants of the buildings that house tenants that receive the Section 8 housing subsidy, especially children. “We want to make sure that we respect everybody who needs medical attention and are legally using medicinal marijuana for treatment of their ailments,” Poliquin said. “At the same time we have roughly 3200 of these Section 8 apartments around the state of Maine. There are probably 5000 individuals that live in those 32 apartments, including children. We have to make sure those apartment buildings and those apartments are safe for everybody who lives in the buildings.”

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