Justin Trudeau’s Federal Liberal Leadership Bid Doesn’t Thrill B.C. Marijuana Activists

Cannabis activists don’t see a friend in Justin Trudeau, the presumptive frontrunner in the race for the federal Liberal leadership.

“There are some people in the marijuana movement who say he’s [Pierre] Trudeau’s son, and he’s our best hope,” Jodie Emery told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview. “But personally, I don’t find him appealing.”

“Besides being a pretty boy”, she said that there’s not much to be said about the popular politician.

Emery recalled that, in 2009, Trudeau voted in support of Bill C-15, Conservative legislation that sought to impose mandatory minimum jail time for pot-related offences.

For this, Trudeau was slammed as a “fuckin’ hypocrite” by Emery’s husband, Marc Emery.

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  1. MedGrower on

    This web site keeps promoting the idea that the solution to the cannabis issue lies in the hands of a politician or a political party. That always makes me laugh.

  2. Nicky C on

    I feel the biggest hope is in the supreme courts making it (prohibition) unconstitutional…

    waiting for politicians is a waist of time. All they care about are poll numbers, most of them have absolutely no knowledge of the subject. Most still believe it kills braincells. Politics will get us nowhere.

    Go supreme courts!

  3. Anonymous on

    The only hope in this matter is that the Liberals in hopes of buying our votes have stated that their policy platform includes the legalization of cannabis. That being said, the Liberal party have half-heartedly attempted legalization in the past, but only to give it lip-service, and let legalization bills die on the floor of the commons. Reasons for this are multitudinous, many of which are tied to our cousins to the south.

    Barring any miraculous changes in the law especially those arising out of Matt Mernagh’s heroic court case, we will need parliamentarians to be onside going into the next election. Harper has built an economy that will get him elected if no viable alternative is presented. The Libs have as yet to provide anything other than comic relief in the past two elections. Pot advocates need more out of the Grits and the NDP.

  4. Intelligent Cannabis Educated on

    Mulcair has made his opinion known, he disagrees with cannabis liberation. The slightly good news though, is that he has stated that he will side with the party on the matter and if the party goes for it, he will as well. And the NDP has had that as a platform for years … however, they’ve never pushed the issue. They’ve just let it sit on the back burner and never made it a campaign issue. That’s where we need to start applying pressure. We need to start pushing it as a campaign issue. The problem there will be that Ayatollah harper has done so much to rob Canadians of so many rights, protections and economic safety nets that they will take a front row in the next election and the cannabis issue will again go to the back burner as far as the general populace is concerned.
    I think you’re giving the stephen kim jong-harper too much credit at only 40 to 50 years back, some of his policies are absolutely archaic and date back to the Spanish Inquisition.

  5. gutrod on

    I voted Liberal for years as I believed in their leadership and politics. I just wish that one Candidate would make a stance on Cannabis prohibition in the next federal election. Justin Trudeau will not get my vote nor will our police state P.C. government. The NDP never looked better although I wish Mulcair would make his stance on prohibition clear. At least amend current Harpo laws which moved the country backwards 40-50 years. Justin Trudeau hasn’t got a hope in Hell of becoming P.M. The Liberals are a thing of the past & need to do some serious damage control.

  6. Intelligent Cannabis Educated on

    I remember distinctly, a quote I saw by him in Macleans magazine where he stated specifically that he was against legalization because (paraphrasing)”This is not your mother’s pot. It’s more powerful and it kills brain cells.”

    We don’t need an out of touch leader of a political party who knows only bullshit propaganda and nothing of the truth. We don’t need someone as stupid and uninformed as a Canadian romney who thinks that you can open a airplane window at 37,000 feet. We need someone with a brain in their head and a sense of social ethics, civil and human rights and that listens to the Canadian public and not to outdated propaganda. We don’t need someone to regurgitate garbage to us, we need someone to lead with thoughtful preponderance who can actually defeat the present dictator tyrant and reverse all the bad legislation that has been foisted, illegally, on the Canadian public with a fraudulently taken mandate.

    We need someone who stands up for the rights of Canadian citizens instead of allowing a fascist to steal them away with complete disregard for Canadians. I see nothing of him in parliament stating his views and arguing with eloquence against the present regime. We need strong nerve and the guts to do something instead of relying on his father’s flamboyance and suave sophistication to get him the job.

    And I don’t see that in Justin Trudeau.

  7. Steve Finlay on

    I don’t see any substance in Justin Trudeau – on cannabis or anything else.

  8. Anonymous on

    I am asking Justin Trudeau to let people know clearly what are his views regarding marijuana politics in Canada ?

  9. Dave on

    My impression is that he is more his mother’s son than his father’s; he thinks pot pushed her over the edge. And besides that, he was raised on Sussex Drive by the RCMP and probably gets a warm fuzzy feeling thinking of Canada becoming a police state. That’s probably why he signed onto the bill!

    At this point I’m surprised he hasn’t yet crossed over-maybe loyalty keeps him Liberal but deep down he’s a Conservative. Ok, so maybe that’s a little too harsh, how about a Progressive Conservative but a Conservative no-less!