Justin Trudeau’s Federal Liberal Leadership Bid Doesn’t Thrill B.C. Marijuana Activists

Cannabis activists don’t see a friend in Justin Trudeau, the presumptive frontrunner in the race for the federal Liberal leadership.

“There are some people in the marijuana movement who say he’s [Pierre] Trudeau’s son, and he’s our best hope,” Jodie Emery told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview. “But personally, I don’t find him appealing.”

“Besides being a pretty boy”, she said that there’s not much to be said about the popular politician.

Emery recalled that, in 2009, Trudeau voted in support of Bill C-15, Conservative legislation that sought to impose mandatory minimum jail time for pot-related offences.

For this, Trudeau was slammed as a “fuckin’ hypocrite” by Emery’s husband, Marc Emery.

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