Authorities Subvert Voters, Continue Medical Pot War

Chris Martin had an idea for a business in Arizona, where voters passed a law that legalizes medical-marijuana “edibles” under certain conditions.

Last year, the Zonka Bar was born, available in flavors including chocolate and sugar-free peanut butter and infused with marijuana extract. Like other edibles, it was perfect for a medical-marijuana patient who didn’t want to smoke, and it’s less harmful than a four-pack of wine coolers.

But Martin and his associates didn’t follow the rules under the 2010 law, authorities say.

Had they contracted with a so-far-nonexistent state-authorized dispensary to distribute Zonka Bars, their actions would have been legal.

Instead, these entrepreneurs face multiple felony charges and the possibility of years in prison.

In seemingly schizophrenic Arizona, 841,346 voters passed a liberal law that legalizes marijuana for those with certain medical ailments, but the state is governed by rabid conservatives who are some of the law’s most vocal opponents.

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