Expo Cannabis 2012 in Madrid

CANNABIS CULTURE – The City of Madrid, Spain will be hosting Expo Cannabis one of the most important marijuana-related events in Europe, from October 5 to 7.

Over 150,000 cannabis aficionados from Spain, the rest of Europe, and around the globe will converge with Madrid’s vibrant, cosmopolitan population at
La Cubierta De Leganes a former bullring, for the 8th year of the event.

Expo Cannabis Madrid will highlight the many functions and uses of the cannabis plant and its derivates with over 70 expositors, conferences, and over 150 companies and groups from the world over. Hemp clothing, growing products, and the latest vaporizers and smoking devices are just a few of the many pot-related products visitors will find.

Conferences during the three-day event will feature speakers including Dr. Paul Hornby and Manuel Guzman, and cover topics like medicinal uses, legality, activism, and more.

Stay tuned for live updates on Cannabis Culture and Pot TV from the epicentre of this world-class event.

Go to ExpoCannabis.com for more information.



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  4. Anonymous on

    I majorly envy the people who get to attend this!

    Side note: Forget about FB and check out headbook.org
    It’s the new social site specifically for stoners.