B.C. Municipal Leaders Vote to Decriminalize Marijuana

B.C. municipal leaders voted Wednesday for a resolution that calls for the decriminalization of marijuana.

Some experts say a prohibition on pot is a failed policy that has cost millions of dollars in police, court, jail and social costs.

But a leading criminologist and two police officers — from Canada and the U.S. — argue lifting the prohibition will have little effect on reducing organized crime or the black market in marijuana.

Sgt. Dave Williams, an RCMP drug enforcement officer, noted B.C. pot is a highly sought-after “commodity,” especially across the U.S., where it is exported and traded for guns, or more potent drugs like cocaine, which are then brought to Canada.

The problem is so prolific, he said, that police officers, cannot take care of every marijuana growing complaint in B.C.

“We have the largest customer in North America directly across the line and that demand is going to keep the supply at a very high level,” Williams told delegates at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention Monday.

The issue, raised at the UBCM by the community of Metchosin, calls for the “appropriate government to decriminalize marijuana and research the regulation and taxation of marijuana.”

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  1. gutrod on

    The stigma attached to marijuana users both recreational & medicinal is totally unwarranted and the result of American government propaganda based mostly if not entirely on right wing Christian lies. Under current laws Justice is not being served. The money spent on prohibition would be better served by sealing our border with the USA which is the source of guns & cocaine. The fight continues.

  2. Anonymous on

    This is a huge step in the right direction. It may not be the ultimately best decision, but it is a far more important indicator of sanity than a NO vote would have been.

  3. Anonymous on

    I hear what you’re saying but at the end of the day, do you want it legalized or not?. It was made illegal for the wrong reason, may as well make it legal for the wrong reason to. If it is made legal I think people will be more open to learning about it’s healing properties.

    Personally I think this is a big step forward, but on the other hand how many times are we going to get taken for a ride before it really is legalized.

  4. Anonymous on

    the only time the mofo’s think to decrim. is when there is cash involved. Did we all forget why we use cannabis? why this plant can heal the nation? This shouldn’t be legalized on the perception of money, but on the realization of healing in life. How can we trust our mayor anyway? Buddy grows pot back in the day on the Holly, and now his right hand man is head of the police union pushing harsher penalties for everything. It’s probly time to get our heads out of our ass’s and speak up, then again that time passed long ago, when we let the fed take Marc away. 0 balls 0 passion = Canada

  5. Worm on

    Where do I buy my cannabis if it is decriminalized? Decrim can only hurt the legalize & tax movement.