North Dakota Supreme Court Won’t Hear Request to Put Medical Marijuana Initiative on Ballot

A medical marijuana initiative will not be on the November ballot, the North Dakota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

In a one-page order, the court denied a request by the measure’s supporters to review Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s decision to block the initiative. Jaeger said there was ample evidence that North Dakota State University football players had committed fraud after they were hired to circulate the petition.

The measure sought to establish a state-regulated system of medical marijuana dispensaries where people could buy the drug if a doctor recommended its use for pain relief.

The court said it would detail its reasoning later.

Jaeger, who certified the final version of the ballot earlier this month, said the initiative would have wreaked “chaos” on election planners. More than 40 of North Dakota’s 53 counties are already in the process of printing ballots, he said.

Ballots for military voters and North Dakotans wishing to vote early must be ready soon, Jaeger said Wednesday.

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