Battle Creek Wal-Mart Worker Fired Over Medical Marijuana Loses Appeal

A federal appeals court says Michigan law doesn’t stop employers from firing people who use medical marijuana.

The court on Wednesday upheld a decision by a federal judge in Grand Rapids, who said Wal-Mart Stores could fire an employee who tested positive for marijuana.

Joseph Casias was an inventory-control manager at a Walmart in Battle Creek until he tested positive for marijuana in 2009. He has a Michigan medical-marijuana card and uses pot to alleviate symptoms of an inoperable brain tumor and cancer.

Wal-Mart says marijuana use conflicts with its safety policy in stores.

The appeals court says the state medical marijuana law provides some immunity in criminal cases, but it doesn’t offer protection to people in the workplace.

Casias’s attorney, Daniel Grow of Kalamazoo, said this afternoon he and his client were disappointed by the verdict but that Casias was optimistic about his future.

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  1. albinorat on

    walmart is a fascist company!!! your better off giving them no money they treat their employees like shit anyway, under 40 hrs for everyone so they aren’t full time and they get no benefits, just ask ANYONE who works there!

  2. Anonymous on

    Would his prescribed pharmaceutical drugs also have conflicted with their safety policy, or was the weed held in special regard?

  3. Dave on

    It’s a sad state when the courts side with what looks like monopolistic-bully-corporations!