How Medical Marijuana Is Giving a Six-Year-Old Boy New Life

Turning to marijuana was a last resort for father Jason David. His young son Jayden suffered from a rare and potentially fatal form of epilepsy, and a dozen prescription medications had failed to provide any relief.

But he discovered medical marijuana as a possible solution after seeing a news report about a teenager who was expelled from school for using marijuana to help control his seizures, and learned about forms cannibas that have no psychoactive effects. David explains in a video from the Los Angeles Times:

The worst days of my life were last April. I’ve never seen Jayden so bad in my life. He was literally dying in front of my face.


Seeing him having seizures all day long for two months straight, nothing was helping. After he has a seizure, it really takes a toll on him. He gets back up and he just wants to play and have fun like every other child.

I asked my doctor, I know it sounds crazy, but I have a serious question. What do you think about medical marijuana for my son? And he looked at me and said, “you’ve got a life and death situation. I would try anything to save your son’s life.” I had it for two weeks and I was scared to give it to him. And I said, you know what? I’m just gonna give it to him today.

That was the first day, thank god, Jayden ever went seizure-free in his life. The prescription drugs, I feel like they made my son a zombie. Every time I take off another pill, the better he gets.

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