Massachusettes State Voter Guide Lists Medical Marijuana Spoof Site

The committee opposing a state ballot measure that would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana submitted a web address for the state voters’ guide created by the Secretary of State without registering it.

Now that address is home to a spoof site declaring medical marijuana a gateway to “Twinkie addiction.”

“It’s funny and upsetting, I guess, at the same time,” said Kevin Sabet of Cambridge, a former Obama administration advisor on drug policy and a spokesman for the No on Question 3 committee.

The group sent out a press release saying proponents of medical marijuana were tampering with the democratic process through “underhanded efforts.” But, Sabet said, the committee made a mistake.

The website includes a collage of celebrity faces, including Bill Clinton and John Stewart, declaring “No Marijuana Smoker Has EVER Been Successful,” and Onion-like articles with headlines such as, “FACT: The Boston Red Sox are in Last Place Because of Question 3.”

“There’s a reason they were eating fried chicken in the clubhouse,” it reads.

The vote-no campaign created an official site at It has had a slow start in fundraising, bringing in just $600 to match nearly $1 million donated to state proponents of medical marijuana by Peter Lewis, chairman of the Progressive insurance company who has been advocating for such laws across the country. It officially launched its advocacy efforts with a small invite-only rally at the Massachusetts Medical Society Waltham headquarters on Wednesday.

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